I aged two years today

I attended a meeting at church this afternoon at which a 'task force' that K is a member of presented some solutions to a problem our congregation has with an audio/visual system.
It was two hours before their research could be presented and, with at least another hour of reporting/discussing/voting to be done, I grabbed Youngest and went home.
I posted the entry before this with his iPhone. (Now I have to go look at it to see if it worked.)

I'm home now, eating potato chips and drinking pinot and I just got an email from Margalit.
Margalit and I are the only people ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET with children over the age of 13.
Well, maybe Alice too.
ANYWAY. Margalit has a new blog that I'm kind of excited about. 10 writers. With teenagers.
Imagine the material! It could be entertaining. It COULD BE MY LIFE.

Now I'm watching Notes On A Scandal. It's only half an hour in - I came in late, and already I'm scared shitless of Judi Dench. She's a beautiful older woman, isn't she? She's smoking in the movie. I wonder if she smokes in real life.
This is a twisted movie, I think. I know Dame Judi has some kind of ulterior motive but I don't have a clue what it is.
Cate Blanchett lives in a tall, windowed English townhouse. Open kitchen shelves and beautiful furnishings. Sometimes I like watching movies more for the decor than the plot.
Now she's sobbing over the sink with the wooden plate drain over it.
Oh. I think Judi's a lesbian. Or her family think she is.
And Cate's having sex near the train tracks and purchasing Apsrey picture frames for Judi.

I've never been to Aspry, though my boss once said that ANY gift from there is well appreciated. Of course, my boss lived part-time in London.
If you live in the states you could substitute another posh place.

K is home now and has pointed out that Cate does not have cleavage like that. Do you think she had a breast double?

Last night, K made a cassoulet and I made a lemon meringue pie.
It was all so good that I felt quite unwell for the rest of the night.
I'm afraid I may have made a pig of myself.

Chinese food. I'm looking forward to not having to clean up the kitchen.


Poppy Buxom said…
My 12 year old will be 13 in April.

Does that make me almost a coolio?
Anonymous said…
My youngest is 24 and still lives at home. I still blog about him, but don't really consider myself a mommy blogger. The poopy diapers, they are so two decades ago.
Anonymous said…
Does my 16-year-old qualify me? I'm so there. I need some commiseration on the probably 3rd try at getting an ACT score worth applying for college and the stench that emanates from the upstairs office. (as opposed to the downstairs office a.k.a. 'the couch'.)
Sarah said…
I'm amazed that you used your son's iPhone. My daughter - SIXTEEN YEARS OLD - literally freaks out if anyone else wants to so much as touch hers.

You are surely blessed.
Anonymous said…
Hey, yo! Young mom of 21, 18 and 14 y o here. You're right - it is lonely for Moms of Older Kids on the 'net. Thanks for the tip on Margalit's new project.
Anonymous said…
Mine are 18 and 24, and #2 still lives at home. But he does his own laundry and is responsible for his own food. So really, I don't exactly have a teenager any more.

I read an interview once with Julia Roberts where she talked about how the judicious use of tape (duct?) rearranged her boobs such that she had the notable cleavage that was so highly visible in Erin Brockovich. Perhaps Ms. Blanchett availed herself of the same taping technique.
Sarah said…
Duh. Make that HUSBAND'S iPhone. I have no brain.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good weekend!
Chinese food? Judi Dench? Lemon dessert w/ cassoulet? A happy blog discovery? All among my favorite things!
Anonymous said…
I feel sooooo left out... My kids are 14 and almost NINETEEN. AND I breats fed them. AND cloth diapers. I even made the freaking baby food myself. And I didn't even own a blender.
barbra said…
yay, more parents of teenagers! Those seem to be my favorite blogs. I wonder why. Thanks for the new link!
tut-tut said…
Hey, I've got a 16-year-old, right in the damn middle, really. I know you say you don't read, but read the book on which the movie is based. I read it as a very black comedy, something that is certainly not part of the movie.
Anonymous said…
My eldest is almost 14. There's plenty of us out here! :)
Miz S said…
Oh maaaaaan. Another club I can't be in! My 2 are in college. Perhaps you could consult me now and then just to make me feel relevant.
Mary said…
Yeah well with a five, eight and eleven year old I def. do not qualify for coolio status.

The book Notes on a Scandal was one of the more disturbing books I have read in recent years.
Paula said…
Well, hell. I'm really screwed because mine are 25 and 22 and I'll be a grandma this year.

I guess that makes me a freaking crone.

Hey! If Mary is busy maybe y'all can consult me.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the link. What I really want to know is, did you eat the whole pie? Because my daughter and I ate an ENTIRE strawberry-rhubarb pie last night...for dinner. And I do not feel one ounce of guilt. Fat, yes...guilt, no way!

As for the rest of you guys, everyone is welcome at MCMM. We need you all to create a community for us older moms! :-)
country mouse said…
miz s, paula and I could join the club comprised of moms who don't fit into *any* of the other internet categories. I too have 2 grown, one not-quite-teen, plus I'll be a grandmommy this year.

By the way, blackbird, thank you for all your delicious food posts. I live vicariously through you as I eat more of hubby's spaghetti and/or pork stuff . . .
MsCellania said…
Ah, good Chinese. I'm thinking you have lots of good Chinese to choose from there in Tuvalu.
We have nuttin' here. Good Thai, but not good Chinese.
MsCellania said…
HEY! I am an older mom. Some days I feel like the Oldest Mother On The Planet. With little kids. Can I come over, too?