grateful, as in things/people for which/whom I am

  • Oldest's pal A, who provides guidance and support where I cannot.
  • The Spring Project. Keeping K busy to the point of exhaustion. Almost done.
  • Pre-made mashed potatoes from the counter at the supermarket.
  • Zappos. Getting shoes to the door less than 12 hours after I order them.
  • Shoes.
  • Seam rippers.
  • The under-the-cabinet radio in my kitchen.
  • Dr. M.
  • My camera.
  • The notepad K brought home the other day.


Allison said…
Why haven't I tried Zappos yet? Oh yeah--I am doing that whole trying not to buy anything new for a few months thing. Dang it!
Carol said…
I have wanted an under-the-counter radio forEVER! I need NPR before and after work.
Annagrace said…
I think I should do one these lists's good to remember the little things that make life good, or better
Anonymous said…
Here, here for the support of friend A, and for you for not being threatened by it.
KPB said…
I want new shoes.

And an under-the-cabinet radio? In our house that would be referred to as the ooh-la-la radio.

Pre-made mash? Did you have to add more butter and milk to soften it up?

Love the Spring project - here's to a summer one too.

God Bless A.

Is your Dr M like my Dr J, because he's worth his weight in gold. And oil.

I lurve a notepad. Is it lined or blank?
Anonymous said…
Peach and artichoke salsa.
15-calorie limeade.
Wireless internet.
Bloggers like blackbird.
Miz S said…
Yes, Zappos! Also DSW, where I obtained a rather adorable pair of red high heels not less than an hour ago.
Stacey said…
Oh I wish we had Zappos in Australia. On second thoughts, its probably a good thing we don't.
As for pre-mashed potatoes - I wish we had those too!
Anonymous said…
Zappos' delivery times are truly amazing. They should give lessons to the US government -- maybe it would get us out of Iraq sooner ;-)

(Sorry, I had to say it.)
alice c said…
Am I allowed to say that I am grateful for say la vee which always makes me smile?

And for emails in the middle of the day from bb which make me laugh out loud.