I saw Enchanted April for the first time yesterday.
I'm afraid that the scene wherein the ladies wake to see the castle in Italy for the first time made me very sad.
I had to make a decision: continue with the movie? change the channel and forget about Italy?
I chose to watch. It's a lovely little movie and I liked it very much. But those scenes on the terrace, overlooking the sea, well, they were difficult for me to watch without emotion.
Never mind. It just firms my resolve to return. (Note to K: can you figure out the air miles?) (Note to Europe: will you PLEASE do something about that Euro situation?)

Paola emailed last week that she was in Rome! Attending the ballet!
I'm telling you, she is just as glamorous as she sounds.

Italian ballet

I haven't been to the ballet in a long time.

ballet 2

When I was very small, I had ballet lessons. As little girls do.

ballerina 2

I remember very little of it. I do remember the outfit. Of course.

pink tutu

I always remember the outfits.
I don't think I had any interest in actual dancing.
I'm not graceful, or musical or lithe.
But I made sure I had a pink tutu, which surprises me now as I am not girl-y in the slightest.

I enjoy watching ballet for a certain length of time, and then, my mind tends to wander. I find myself focusing on a particular dancer, watching to find him or her after costume changes...


marveling at their musculature...


hiding a smirk during particularly dramatic moments, and trying to figure out which character I would be cast as.

ballet jester

No, I don't think I'd be the jester.
I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those women with the strange hats.


Sarah Louise said…
oh, I adore that movie. I actually saw it in the theatre when it came out and now own it on VHS. Haven't read the book yet.

Happy Easter n'at!

and my vw looks like foxy daffodills...
Anonymous said…
I wonder how much the performers hurt afterwards. I'm quirky that way :)
Velma said…
I drift, too - opera, ballet, modern dance. I like it, but I often think I like the experience of attending more than I get caught up in what is on stage.

I've never been to Italy. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?
Anonymous said…
Third time I write this and gets eaten.
I would like to share a bit about the ballet.
Jester was the most applauded of all, more than the prima ballerina in piink tutu, which was divine, tip toeing for the longest time while I wondered about her poor feet. All the set decoration and costumes have been doen by my dear boss who also happens to be the owner of Torre.
Most shocking: I took ballet lessons as a child but boy will you laugh when you'll see the pics.
Note to K. Are you really working on those airmiles?
Note to Europe: What the heck are you thinking? This Euro thing must stop at once.
Thanks for reading this all the way through.
Unknown said…
You've done which pose in the kitchen? The jester pose? The strange-hatted women? The smirkily dramatic musculature?

For some reason, I can picture you doing any and all of those. But not in a pink tutu.
Sorority Girl danced for 13 years. Dancer feet are NOT pretty feet.

I did not dance. Mom said playing piano was a much better life skill.
Sarah said…
I still have trouble not focusing on the ballerino maschios' loins.

I am SUCH a child.
Anonymous said…
My first (and only) ballet recital was performed to "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear" - complete with black leotard with fake white fur around the collar.
Joke said…
Enchanted April verily rocks.

That Euro thing is killing me too. May have to shove back our trip until opening my wallet in Europe doesn't cause me a hemorrhage.

might I add...? said…
The euro thing is really not Europe's fault. Unfortunately, this is the undoing of this extremely expensive war that we're engaged in whilst the government decides that we should pay for it on the layaway plan. (Or maybe just let our grandkids pay for the whole thing.)

I'm bummed, because I want to go, too, and I don't think we're going to be able to afford it for a long time now. Even Canada seems expensive these days. But the upside is that our friends from overseas can much more easily afford to come over now. (Gotta keep looking on the bright side of things!)
Caterina said…
Yep, I took ballet lessons too. Until one day the instructor pointed at my feet and said I looked like a duck and the whole class laughed at me. I was FIVE YEARS OLD! I wish I could back and punch that stupid bitch in the face.

Anyway, I had a roommate in college who was a dance major. She would come home from ballet practice with bloody feet. Ouch.

It has been a long time since I've been to Italy --- like back when there was no Euro. I used to go to San Benedetto del Tronto, which is where my family is from :)
KPB said…
I learnt ballet as a child. Until I experienced the first ever time of utter humiliation as we were all called to the stage one by one after the end of year concert. And all I got was the certificate to say I'd participated in the classes. Everyone else got most improved, most awesome, most beautiful. There was a momentary pause as people waited for whatever 'most' award I was recieved but then realised that was all I was getting and there was a smattering of claps. Like crickets chirping.

And I know it's puerile, but I still snigger at male ballet dancers in tights.

I like to imagine you and K in the pose of the first shot. Randomly taken up in the kitchen. In between courses.
Stomper Girl said…
The only times I've watched proper ballet I was very surprised with all the thumping noises when the dancers landed from their leaps. It seemed, somehow,inappropriate to me. Lovely light and graceful and then kerthump...