discovered whilst stumbling

Witchypoo has turned me on to Stumbled Upon and it's proving to be a delightful time-suck.
Because I needed another one.

Here are some of the things I've found:

Did you know about this? I'm always wondering if I'm missing out on coupons.

Amazing. Amazing and wonderful.


The Box Doodle Project.

I didn't realize they were crayons at first.

I call bullshit.


A brilliant work of investigative journalism.

It gives one pause.

We are awaiting a monsoon.
I'm completely unmotivated today.


Anonymous said…
It's my policy to stumble any page that has a link back to mine.
Consider yourself stumbled.
Now if any one else wanted to review this particular post, they would need the links that you get from feedburner. But until you get that working (I think I can help) they can always thumbs up.
Burgh Baby said…
Stumbling really can suck the day away, can't it? That's a good thing on an unmotivating day like today, especially with a monsoon on the way.

(I'm waiting for the alleged snow storm of the century myself.)
KPB said…
Oh I like this blue...
Nora :) said…
An actual monsoon?

I love Stumble Upon.
The things you can find online. It truly boggles my mind at times.
My mother-in-law's friend was a magazine food stylist. She said nothing is really what it looks like in the food shots.
She says you can make mashed potatoes look like MANY other things!

LOVE the crayons.
WEATHER? We've been on tornado watch since 7AM.
barbra said…
When my husband was just out of college, he lived with three other young things in a house in San Francisco. One of the girls was in culinary school, studying to become a food stylist. It is an art form.

That last site was awesome. The cans one really got me, as that's a lot of cans, and as that Seurat is one of my favorite paintings.
Julie said…
You know that saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"??

Why does it have to do that??
We're supposed to get 4 inches of rain today and tomorrow.....

Miz S said…
That last site was really depressing.
Sarah said…
FUN! I like the blue, too.
Geggie said…
I like the blue.
Unknown said…
Blackbird, I love the coupon site. But I am a shopaholic. I'll send you the credit card bill. :P
Suse said…
Duck egg blue!
do you like

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