at the library on Wednesday

I don't have anything much sitting in my draft folder.
The weather here is clear and sunny, but still too cold.
I've become bored with my winter wardrobe and would love to pack the sweaters away.

We have a very crazy schedule for the next few days, here in Tuvalu -
the dog is having some surgery tomorrow (the only thing serious about it is the bill), we are not done with Youngest's visits to the dentist, K and Middle are going to a seminar, K has a meeting at church, Middle has his tutor, both boys are practicing for their annual music solos. This list goes on and on.

I'm tired of cooking winter food too - though I would like to make some soup one day soon. The nachos were a request.

Ideas for future posts:

250 movies I HAVE seen. (A post for which I will close the comments.)
Ten places I'd rather be.
Egg and onion matzohs, my addiction.
My cycles, how they creep up on me.
Why women with large rear ends should not wear tapered jeans.
...and, in the same vein, LEGGINGS: THEY AREN'T PANTS.

I'm out.


Anonymous said…
Oooh, I'm waiting with baited breath for the post on egg and onion matzohs.
Elan Morgan said…
Leggings are definitely not pants. They are footless tights. I wish someone would tell the young ladies that.
MsCellania said…
We have a restaurant not too too far away called Zadie's which has the most marvelous matzo bri--my K's favorite. But your Egg and Onion Matzohs sound intriguing; could you post how you make your addiction?
blackbird said…
No, matzohs, which I only eat in March, are egg and onion straight out of a box.
Fannie said…
Expensive dog surgery - Check
Sick of winter clothes - Check
Tired of winter food - Check
Annagrace said…
Absolutely do not open comments on the movie post. Opinions on movies, I've found, can be as heated as opinions on parenting styles...
Miz S said…
There's this really good movie called Shawshank Redemption that I think you should see. If you don't mind rape scenes.

HA. I slay myself.
Anonymous said…
Leggings: Not Pants and Not Worn to the Office Either By Preggo Women or Overweight Women Of Which We Have Both.
Jennifer said…
That is one busy house you have there.

Totally agree on the closed comments for movie post. I don't think I could list 250 movies I've seen! haha

have no clue what matzohs are
That poor baby.
I'm laughing to hard to type anything about large rear end women and tapered jeans. I am a large rear end woman and try to hide everything I possibly can!
Leggings... out of ALLLL the fashion "trends" why did THAT one have to come back?!?
tut-tut said…
Oh, do the ten places; with links. A good March wind to blow through, don't you think?
MsCellania said…
HA! Even I could make excellent egg & onion matzohs, like the 'secret' for my great Kraft Macaroni and Cheese:
I Use REAL Buttah!
(Someone actually asked for my recipe - I had made M & C at a school function. I disbelievingly said "Ah, Butter?" and then the lady said "Oh didn't you make that fantastic sweet potato casserole?!" She actually chased me out into the parking lot to get my recipe. That was a good one.
I will get the egg & onion for K. I bet he would love them too. I usually just buy the salted ones and leave it at that...
Mary said…
Did you find the baby?

Has it stopped screaming?

I too have not seen the Shawshank Redemption.
Anonymous said…
Feeling that winter pain. Am with you in the circle far away from the gory movies. Hate leggings on all people over the age of 12.