10 places I'd like to be

Let's just suppose that the gazillion air-miles that the Bird family have racked up could actually be used to take a trip. Because they really can't, so we will make believe!
Where would I go, tomorrow, with all those free airline miles?
Come, dream with me:


I know it's a very long flight, but we have friends in Tokyo who have a wonderful home in the city. I'd love to bring Youngest, fan of everything Japanese, to see his pal A and I know that K would be in food heaven.

I might drop by for a stay at Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda.

Cambridge Beaches

And I wouldn't mind going there TOMORROW. Bermuda is small and manageable and, with no rental cars on the island, it is THE place to ride a scooter.

No air miles to burn? I'd have dinner here -

The Four Seasons night

I grew up having dinner at The Four Seasons restaurant. It's just about perfect.
If you are a little child, and behave yourself at the table, the captain may send you a fantastic plate of silvery white cotton candy, with candied violet petals.

The Four Seasons

Lots of people like to sit in The Grill Room but I'd like a table near the pool.

On the other side of the world there is a tiny little place in Paris called L'epi Dupin.

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It has wonderful atmosphere and even better food. K and I ate there twice in a week when we were in Paris. I'd like to go back.
And while I'm there...

Le <span class=

I'll shop at Le Bon Marche. And I'd meet Irene for some lunch.

I think I need to visit England too.


I have the urge to drop in on Alice. I have been known to do that to people from time to time - just show up unexpectedly. Nowadays I am more likely to surprise people with a phone call, but Alice would be fun to surprise. I think.

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I am returning to Positano. I don't know when. But I am.


I know where Kim lives. I think I'd like to see her too. Kim and her husband may well be our food equals. They have only outdone us in the fact that her husband is an actual chef, whereas K can only dream. Kim's beach looks nice too.


Another Part Of Australia

Suse will have to put us up and show us around. From what I've read, she's an excellent tour guide - plus I'm in love with her, so it's all good.

The only place I know we would ALL be happy returning to is here -

The Beach

And we just might. As it turns out, we CAN use our air-miles to get there.

And where am I happiest?




Anonymous said…
Only people who have traveled can really appreciate home. What's the restaurant in Paris? I have a friend who just moved there...
KPB said…
Our beach is very lovely.

Can you send me details on the Paris restaurant as Chef's parents are - as I type - in an apartment in Paris for a whole month and they were asking me for places they should eat at before they left. To which I looked at them blankly.
Anonymous said…
here's the link to L'epi Dupin:

I might go there just to sit and eat and think of you bb. how wonderful would it be to meet you and K here some day...
Sarah said…
When I was a kid, my family went to New York every Easter vacation to do Broadway. I always insisted that we lunch at least once at The Four Seasons. It was my favorite place in New York, which is really saying something because I really, really adore New York.

I havent' been there in ages, but The Four Seasons looks EXACTLY the same as it did then!

I'm currently fighting a powerful urge to hop a plane, book a room at The Plaza and luncheon at The Four Seasons.
barbra said…
This California girl always dreamed about being an NYC girl when she was a kid. Acting all grown-up at the Four Seasons was part of the dreaming. Still have never been there.
alice c said…
Could you give me ten minutes warning so that I can roll out the red carpet, quickly polish the champagne glasses and kick the teenage son off the sofa...

Thanks for the Paris tip - might be very, very useful in the near future.
Mary said…
I am coming to see you!
Suse said…
Book those flights baby! I'd love to show you around!

Where did you get that shot of my area and the winding river? Google earth? Love it.
Kathy Rogers said…
Humph. Two Australias and no California. We have Four Seasonsez here, too.
Anonymous said…
You are.
Anonymous said…
If I could travel all the miles I have to go, I'd hit many of the same places. But the last stop IS always the best at the end of the journey.
Alice said…
No stop in CT? I don't blame you, but I do have air miles to burn, need a traveling partner?
Jennifer said…
I think this is one of my most favourite posts of yours.
Anonymous said…
I offer my services as baggage-carrier and taxi-driver should Blackbird ever find her migratory patterns include the land of Suse and Kim. As a blogless newbie it is the least I can do!

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