you just know it will be effective because it has the word 'euro' in its name

I did some research and then broke down and ordered one of these.


Yes. Yes it IS the Euro-Pro® Shark™ Super Steamer. I know. You're trembling with excitement, aren't you.
And are you wondering WHY I ordered this three-out-of-five star miracle machine and what I'm going to do with it?
Of course you are.

First on my list is this baby.

range hood

The range hood.
Usually I have to stand on the cooktop with my head in the range hood with various horrible chemicals and a sponge. I have to put down a couple of layers of newspapers to catch the dripping gack.
I'm hoping that a jet of hot steam in the seams of the range hood will melt the grease I've never been successful at completely removing.

Then I'll work my way down to these:


which common as well as uncommon household cleansers do little to budge the grime on.
These burners come apart and have lots of little holes and grommets in which more gack can collect.
I'm going to be very busy.

Next stop -

deep fryer

The deep fryer. The deep fryer has dirty grease stuck on the rivets of its basket and around the control knobs. I'm going to find it and eradicate it.

Then I'm doing the door on the oven....

oven door

I never seem to remember to turn on the self-clean feature on my ovens, and they need four hours or so to go through the full cycle. And it smells. And I don't have the patience or desire to use really caustic stuff - I always wipe it off too early and so it doesn't work. I'm really hoping the Euro-pro Shark does the job. Especially as it is European and a Pro and has the added benefit of the word shark in its name. I'm sure the shark part means something.

Next, and believe me, this one scares me, I'm going to tackle the bathroom floor.

bathroom floor

Nothing seems to clean this floor - and I'm not even sure what kind of stone it is - I only know that most cleansers leave it etched looking. Not that I care. I prefer the stone honed looking.

There are probably hundreds of other things I can use the EPShark for. Or ten. I'm just hoping it works. And it would be especially good if it worked on tiny places like this -


I'm pretty excited.
It could be a thrilling week.


robiewankenobie said…
a steamer? will change your life. the end. oh, wait, not the end...use it for those baseboard moldings. laws. i get excited just thinking about it.
Unknown said…
I am excited for you. Be interested to hear the results. I've been having concerns about my range hood for sometime.
Saoirse said…
PLEASE give a follow-up report on your success (or lack thereof). I've been coveting one of those for a while now but didn't know if I could bear the pain of heartache if it was a total "as seen on TV" flop!
barbra said…
I can't believe I'm saying this, but...
I look forward to hearing how it goes! Please let us know!
Ali said…
Can you bring it round to mine when you are finished? Complete with operator. Yeah. Thanks!
Paula said…
Ooh! You have to say how it works for you. Oh good Lord. Can you just hear my drawl?

What I meant to say was, Oh, you'll have to let us know how well it works.
Anonymous said…
So...maybe when you're finished with these projects and a total pro, you could come do my house? I'll pay you with liquor.
jo said…
Indeed! in fact at Cambridge they come in on the weekends with a big @ss steamkit to clean the 10 burner beast.
I await with baited breath, cause I would by one in a HEARTBEAT if it works.
Anonymous said…
Yes, yes, do give us a full review. I hate housework and cleaning but sometimes my environment grosses me out so much I attack it with chemicals and toothbrush. An effective steam-cleaner would be a nice addition to our family, I think.
Sinda said…
I cannot wait to hear how it does. The vent hood drives me crazy, b/c when I boil water it steams the gunk enough so that it drips down and grosses me like totally out, dude.

Sorry, I don't know where that came from.
Jess said…
Curiouser and curiouser!
Nora :) said…
I have a floor steam cleaner thingy that I want to marry. I can't wait to hear about your results with this.

I wonder what it would do to grout in the kitchen...
Poppy Buxom said…
If it gets the oven door clean enough to see through, let me know.

Mine looks like a window pane from the 17th century.
Anonymous said…
The range hood? You mean all this time, I'm supposed to have been cleaning it?
Someday will you please post a list of all these fabuloso catalog/websites where you find all your magical stuff?
Do you just Google "Super-cool stuff"?

Happy De-Gacking
I have a steamer, I bought from HSN, it isn't this same brand, but OH how I LURV it!!
Mine is especially usefully on the grease that splatters and then gets baked on the oven. Oven cleaner fumes give me whopper migranes so I really love my steamer. It also works great when you find something sticky has exploded in the microwave or the fridge.
Mary said…

That is all I have to say.
MizMell said…
Sounds like things may get a bit steamy at your house!

And btw, you've been tagged for a book meme!
Anonymous said…
Bought one last year. Fabulous for that oven grease stuff. For the under $50 I paid great investment. Steam away!
alice c said…
One of my friends has one. Her house is IMMACULATE and she swears by her steam cleaner. I have to tell that she only bought it because the advert had pictures of a Stepford Wife with big hair and high heels cleaning her oven.

Which is not how I imagine you.
Anonymous said…
Blackbird, you are HOT. Steaming hot. Good luck with your new toy!
Wendy said…
I thought this steamer was so DE-luxe that it had its own theme song. Then I realized that Trixie had somehow pushed a button on my laptop that started the music for the high five post. It went well with the steamer though.
RW said…
Hey. I get the high five music too when I review the steam cleaner post!

Good Luck.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I got the music too.
And OMG am I praying that the Euro thing will work...we already have to much s..t going on here and I wouldn't wans to hear all of these 20+ people complaining.
Finger crossed for you and me.
Joke said…
If I had a deep-fryer I'd be spherical by now.

Jennifer said…
When I clicked my way over here I thought... oooohhh looky here she's added music :) haha Then I scrolled down and I watched the entire video. So funny. There is a way to stop it from automatically playing when you reach your site... I just forget how to do it. I think it has something to do with the word loop or true or false in the code. I think??

Good luck with your steamer. I hope it works better for you then the one my brother has. VERY VERY similar in shape and name. Patience is the key where the steamer is concerned. AND no matter how tempting it is.. Don't steam anyone who comes in your path :)
Priscilla said…
Can't wait to hear how it works. Pictures too please!
I wonder if a steamer would also magically dissolve thousands upon thousands of accumulated little Barbie shoes, Legos, and other pieces of plastic crapola?
Annagrace said…
I agree with Joke--if I had a deep-fryer I would be all, "can I deep fry this? And this? And how 'bout this?!!!" And I'd constantly be mopping my T-zone with a dish towel.
tut-tut said…
My goodness, bb! what a lot of interest you've generated!! I hope you put all of your activity up on YouTube.

You may like to know I also own one of those bamboo-and-wire Chinese tools . . .

It was $1300, by the way, yesterday at the detest; I mean dentist (that was an honest typo, too . . .)
celestial opus said…
I can find ten (or more) places over here when your done. Would you like soup or pastry during your visit?

We have a cheese drawer - will that help?
might I add...? said…
Oooh, I'm going to ditto everyone else's posts and say, "Please, please, please, let us know how this works." Because I really want one. But I find it so annoying when things don't work even half as well as the company claims they will.

My old standby is baking soda and elbow grease. Which works pretty well on the gunk on the stove and everywhere else. But you just can't get at the crevices. And the so-called "self-cleaning oven"? Why does it smell so bad? I get headaches whenever we've tried it.

And where DO you find these things? Would you be willing to share how/where you do your research? 'Cause I'm really sick of the Consumer Reports thing where they tell you that this item (usually a Kenmore appliance from Sears is the best ever, even better than the more expensive brands) and when you go to Sears, they tell you, "Oh, we're out of those. But here's the new model. Even better." (Which, of course, hasn't been reviewed yet.)