My brother is visiting.
He brought our favorite episode of The West Wing and wanted us to sit and watch it.
But it's a rough episode and I thought it might drain some life out of me.
It's beautifully written and folds nicely onto itself in the end.

We're joining my mom and brother L for lunch today, and we are sitting around with out laptops this morning.
He's got good stories, my brother B (actually, both brothers are good for a story) - the one about it being illegal to buy a liter of whiskey in his town (you can buy less, you can buy more), the one about short-roping on Everest (not him, someone else), and the one about losing his knife in British Columbia.

My point is: I'll give you a nice, big, picture post tomorrow - or not, as I'm meeting Daniel Renzi for lunch.
Tra la.


Anonymous said…
Oh to have an adventurer brother in one's midst...how fun!
Did you make him the Meat Boat?
Anonymous said…
And tra la indeed...
Anonymous said…
Can you buy two half litre bottles of whiskey?

That's what I would do. Then chuckle to myself about beating the system.
Velma said…
I always liked Dan Renzi. I think that was the last "Real World" season I watched. God, I'm old.
Anonymous said…
I have watched every episode of the WW four times, and that is my favorite episode. I'm sitting here misty-eyed now at the 'because...we get better...'

and then the next scene is leo telling the story of the guy who fell down the hole and the other guy who helps...arg. just some amazing writing right there.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I miss that show.
Anonymous said…
I live in British Columbia. I haven't seen his knife, but I'll ask around.
Anonymous said…
Even though I quit watching West Wing long before that episode and even though I had to google Dan Renzi, I still think we could be friends. And I wish I could sit down and listen your brother's stories with you.

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