I met Mr. Renzi in the city.
I had an errand for K first, though.
I brought one of these
back to the rental house.
It was kind of heavy but the weather was warm, it wasn't a long walk, and I got to play this
I AM Jason Bourne
because I had
on my
I had told Dan to meet me here.
tavern two
but we realized when we got there that it hadn't been renovated since
so we walked around
the general
until we found ourselves here.
bb at the Merli
We considered this
steak salad
and this...
steak pepe
but who IS Pepe anyway?
We had this.
We had a lovely time. We had salad AND fries.
Then we shared a
and Dan Renzi went
H & M
and I went...
train station
All the way home I listened to this
whilst sitting behind a young man who looked just like him.


Birchsprite said…
It looks like a grand day out!
Badger said…
If you find out who Pepe is, maybe you can figure out why he's green.
Geggie said…
Lovely! I was in the city yesterday, too...the same city that you were in.

I'll be back the last week in Feb...are you there often?
KPB said…
How utterly delicious.
Anonymous said…
Dylan is god. 3 years ago I got to see him play in a 2000 seat theater the night before he was playng 3 sold out Madison Square Garden shows. 20 years in the business, hundreds of concerts, and can say it was one of the BEST shows I ever saw. I was 6 feet from the stage and he was just

White Horse Tavern, many fabulous nights sitting outside drinking and socializing. Love it.

Yesterdays post-ADD/OC youngest, ADDICTED to Tide Stain pens. Have to buy in bulk. Heaven for stainaphobics who cannot concentrate when there is a SPOT on them.

Pepe is green because he is trendy and embraces the global warming movement.
So what you're saying is that it was a terrible horrible no good very bad day?
Anonymous said…
Every square inch of this was poetry. The pictures and your words.
Julie said…
Looks like you had a wonderful wednesday..

Love the pictures...
It makes me miss home.
Anonymous said…
I Tre Merli, uh?
Pepe verde is "green peppercorns" as in "filet au poivre vert"
I can see the Madonnina around your cute...
the dish you picked looks yummy
Jennifer said…
Now I have a craving for a burger... thanks!
barbra said…
ooh, I want to play with Matt Damon!
oh, maybe that's not what you meant.
MizMell said…
So you ended up having lunch at the Blackbird Cafe?

Long lunches with old friends are the best kind.
Paula said…
What a grand day!

But what I really want now (after reading her comment) is to hear Paola speak...
alice c said…
Be honest...this was an uber-cool meeting of Top Bloggers. A sort of Blogging Summit - I am impressed. Did you come up with any strategic decisions for the Future? An invasion of Wordpress or annexing Typepad? Just wondering.
tut-tut said…
Have you been to TeaNY??? That is Moby, right? I'm trying to remain somewhat current (he is current, right?)
Mary said…
I just love how you put together your words and pictures. Love it.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Love the picture post, love the sign at the end, LOVE the blackbird picture...
Pretty Things said…
That was just incredibly awesome.
I love your photo stories.

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