we went, we talked, we shopped, we ate

Boy. I needed that.
M and I are able to hash out the problems of the world on shopping trips and while I can choose any number of consumables with ease and speed, I agonize over each dollar spent, M is slow to make a decision but can spend money with wild abandon. In other words, we complement each other well. PLUS we solved all the problems of the world.

We started off in Nordstrom where I have decided I need to purchase an entire Faconnable wardrobe for K. Beautiful shirts and ties and sweaters. I know he'd love any of them. I did not buy a single thing.
We walked through the shoe department and discussed the ballet flats, which I still think I need. The ones I have my eye on weren't there. M says they don't fit her feet correctly and I'm wondering now as my feet are a bit wide too.

Our next stop was the bookstore where it took an employee about 45 minutes to find the bestseller M wanted and had a coupon for. I read 4 magazines while I waited and can now assure you all that baby Suri Cruise has a full staff waiting on her hand and foot.

M had to return a gift, given to her by one of her students. She is a high school guidance counselor and has unbelievable insight into the college application process. She was given a Coach wristlet which, being covered with logos and embellishments, was not to her taste. Have you people shopped in a Coach store of late? I haven't set foot in one in at least five years and was shocked. Aside from the fact that everything is covered in logos and gewgaws over at Coach, it is impossible to purchase anything without being assisted by at least four people.

the coach museum

I'm not kidding. The first person you encounter is a greeter - this person sort of herds you into the area you might be interested in. M was interested in a wallet. After you are led to the wallet area of the museum, and it is a museum as you cannot actually purchase anything there on the floor, someone else comes over to describe the merchandise and tell you what colors/sizes it is available in. M chose a black wallet. M was also interested in a key chain and lo, someone else was required to walk her over there. Key chains were discussed between M and the specialist of the moment and M chose one with an M on it. The key chain specialist then walked her to the counter and had someone else write up a ticket for the two items M had decided to purchase.
Each of these items, M was told, were in stock and would be brought to the cashier in moments.
Alas, one at a time, each item turned out to be magically out of stock and another employee was summoned to write up an order to be sent to M's house. Sometime during the changing of the guard I heard an employee repeat M's order of a black wallet and a key chain with a P on it.
That had to be corrected too. Finally, the order was handed to the cashier, who read it back again, rang it up and inserted it into a little folder which she handed to M. I don't know how long all of this took but now my roots need touching up.

We walked down the hall to Caswell Massey where M bought beautiful small leather goods for a friend who is far away and having a very difficult time. She's aces, M, and is always giving special things to pals who are under the weather or worse. The help at CM was clearly on some kind of medication. The store was completely empty, one saleslady was on the phone and the other was very slowly unpacking a shipment. She was pleasant enough and helpful to M but gone, both literally and figuratively, when M asked if they had certain items in stock. Missing for long moments on end, staring vapidly beyond us to a display of soaps, this woman was, or absent for long periods in a mysterious and gigantic stockroom. I was starting to get antsy.

And so, when M went to The Art Of Shaving, a store at which solid mahogany and glass jewel cases must be opened to present you with a $50 shaving bowl, I decided to visit the Apple store. Oh. MY. I think I need one of those Mac Air things. It's like holding a piece of paper. In fact, I said that to the man standing next to me. IT'S LIKE HOLDING A PIECE OF PAPER. Even after I got home, I was telling Middle how I need one and he said: why, what does it do that your computer does not? and I said: IT IS LIKE HOLDING A PIECE OF PAPER. He was impressed.

With M's chores done, we strolled our way (hissing at Abercrombie and Fitch) over to J Crew.
You know I have a love/hate relationship with J Crew, right? Well, it continues. I wondered, while I was there, if their $70 capris would look any better on my than my $20 Old Navy ones.
They had delicious spring sweaters, but nothing remarkable on the sale rack.
I just want to stop here for a moment and make this announcement: Please. For the love of all that is holy, be careful with all the yellow stuff in the stores right now. I know yellow is the color of the moment but, please, check it against your skin tone - it is NOT the kind of color that looks good on everyone. And it's very YOUNG. Okay?

Back to the shopping.
Anthropologie was next but, by then, we were deep into a conversation about K and his work and I don't think I really paid a lot of attention to anything there. Plus, the anthro we were in is much less exciting than the one near my house. Yes. I have access to a few Anthros. I did play with some knobs, and I do mean to buy four different sets for my closet at the top of the stairs but that all comes back to K and work as it is a total luxury expenditure.

camels in <span class=

My last stop before lunch was the Bare Escentuals store. Long story here too - are you exhausted yet?
After my visit to Chicago, encouraged by Wendy, I purchased the drug store version of this make-up. For $11 it is pretty darn good. Nice coverage without looking cakey, I think I found a good color, I don't mind using it. Anyway. The brush hurts me and the powder isn't as fine as it could be and I'm thinking Wendy doesn't have as many wrinkles as I do and that's why her powder doesn't sit in her facial crevasses. I wanted a jar of the good stuff. And the real brush.
An exquisite 20-something with radiant peachy skin made me up. It was all it should be. But a little darker than I thought was required. (The Tilda Influence) I bought it and the delicious brush. I agonized.

I stuffed my face with a burger from our favorite joint.

burger joint

We hashed out the problems of each of our children. I spilled my diet soda. M's cell phone mysteriously dialed my house and left a long recording of us at the counter...and I spent a lot of time staring at my made-up face in anything I could find that was shiny.

And THEN I was brave enough to go back and tell Britney (I swear) that I wanted a lighter shade.

We walked through Pottery Barn - ho hum, though I do still need a couple of dishes and mugs.
We stopped at Sephora where I convinced M that she needs one cleanser for harsh cold weather and one for hot sticky weather, and we walked to the car.

I'm still tired.
But my Tilda face looks very nice.

ketchup dish


BabelBabe said…
Hilary wears an awful lot of yellow, and it is NOT a good shade on her. I keep mentioning this to H in the midst of the debates (and how CRISP Barack looks, ALWAYS)and he thinks I am insane. But now I am vindicated.

what the HECK are those little things jutting out of the wall over top of those blouses???
robiewankenobie said…
yes, please. the friend, the day out, and the "piece of paper".
Anonymous said…
I must be a freak of nature because I do not love to shop.
Carol said…
You are hilarious.
Badger said…
I shop the way you do -- no problem deciding what I need/want, but unwilling to shell out for it.

And I hate hate HATE Bare Essentuals. It is way too shiny on me and makes me look like a robot. If you can find Glow Minerals (my WF has them), I recommend those highly.

But you already bought the Bare Essentuals.

So nevermind.
Badger said…
Oh! Or Jane Iredale mineral makeup. That's good, too.
The reason Coach bags are so expensive. They must pay 5 employees to sell one bag!

Did you see the YELLOW bedding at PB? I was blinded by the YELLOW when I made that bed. I need my bedding to be a more soothing color.

I would have enjoyed the burger with you, though.
alice c said…
How could I NOT be smiling after going shopping with you?
Amy A. said…
Oh, did you eat at Johnny Rockets? Love that place! Looks like something similar, anyway.

Thanks for the trip!
Geggie said…
Whole Foods has a really nice mineral makeup called Larenim. I like it very much and it's a little less than BE. Just a tought.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely day! You are such an opinionated shopper (just like me) and I love that you brought your audience along for the trip. Good therapy. Glad you like your new makeup, too.
Sarah said…
I don't know how long all of this took but now my roots need touching up. HA! I am SO stealing that line!

Thanks for this post. I feel like just spent several hours at Old Orchard and Northbrook Court malls. Ask Poppy what I mean. How I miss them!

I needs me a Johnny Rockets lunch now.
Poppy Buxom said…
Definitely Northbrook Court-y, what with the Sephora store.

I use Jane Iredale mineral foundation, but I never use the brush. Being elderly and dry of skin, I mix the powder with my moisturizer du jour and apply like a regular liquid foundation. That way I get the sun protection and great coverage of minerals without looking like I plowed face down through a mountain of Georgia clay.
Fannie said…
Hmph... (she grumbles to self)...thought I looked good in yellow...now have to reconsider.
It sounds like a lovely day.

I am now never ever ever going to shop at Coach, simply because I don't want my own personal team of personal shoppers.
Mary said…
I know I should be commenting on a number of things in this post but I can't.

Because I am overwhelmed with envy at the shops you guys have over there.


And I like the sound of those MacBook airs too!
Julie said…
I am coveting a Mac Air also.

Miz S said…
Josh wishes I would do a little agonizing over the spending of the dollars. Especially lately.

I wish I could see the makeup on you.
Allison said…
Can we go shopping together? CAN WE?? CAN WE???
KPB said…
Those poor camels really do have their arse to the wall don't they.
Anonymous said…
Well, no. I am NOT smiling.
Anonymous said…
Shop at Target. It's easier. ::ducks and runs::
Wendy said…
Oh, that brush hurts me too. I'm going to try Poppy's idea. I have a feeling it could go very wrong in my hands though.
Paula said…
I love, love, love Bare Escentuals. Not shiny at all over here, but if you use too much it will.
Susie Sunshine said…
There is not a shade of yellow OR a tunic top in existence that looks good on me.
Skin Lightening said…
Hey I love Bare Escentuals products, they help me with skin whitening and it's really awesome.

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