things I love at Toast

Although I have access to Anthropologie - I don't have Toast.
In fact, the closest Toast is thousands of miles away. Sadly, I think I'm getting more Toasty as I get older and less Anthro-ish.


Isn't this a nice robe? I thought they called them dressing gowns, but it's listed as a robe. It's on sale.

suede shoes

These aren't a very good color for me - but I love the shape of them and they look very soft.

shoes freaky

They're a little creepy here.

I have those shoes

I have those shoes. And the next time I wear them I will picture myself in this setting. I don't look good in a kerchief you see how the backs of these shoes are not on her feet? What's the deal with that?


These are very pretty. And not terribly expensive. If you live in England.

tunic dress

I thought I liked this, but I've changed my mind.


And, though this IS beautiful, I fear it would be too necky on me.

So, the thing I've decided I love the best is this


even though it might be too much dress for me - I love it. LOVE. IT.
And it's not terribly expensive - if your bank account is in Sterling.

I'd need a belt like this -


and a wrap like this -


And, after all that, I might as well buy a ticket to London and go get these things myself.

And my pockets would be lined with Pounds.


Anonymous said…
Those shoes DO look all soft and cushy--like the kind the Elves made for the Shoemaker in my imagination... I think (not very nice of me) that the model has her heels out of the other pair because they gave her blisters whilst shopping in the bazaar.
robiewankenobie said…
i wonder if you might like wiksten's clothing line? maybe not this color palate...

i know that when this uniform studio jacket came out, i thought of you...
Anonymous said…
Even though you have shoes like that, please tell me you don't have native bearers to do all your heavy lifting. (That's what husbands and teenage sons are for.)
barbra said…
Ooh, it "makes my neck itch" when people are stepping on the heels of their shoes. To see it in a catalog? Is really bizarre.
Paula said…
Makes me yearn for spring...
Mrs. G. said…
You have excellent taste. I really like the toast.
The electric blue metallic ballet flats were a HUGE hit with some of the younger females in my house, particularly one.
Wendy said…
I'll bet the model's feet were too big for the sample size shoes that they had.
KPB said…
the wearing of shoes like that is simply to shit people like me to tears.

I mean, it RUINS the shoes.

Bloody models and their big lanky hooves - I bet they did it because they were the wrong size and now they start a whole stupid trend.

I want me a pair of those yellowy slippery things, but not in that colour. A green would be nice.
KPB said…
and I'm afraid all those tunics over jeans or leggins make my neck itch.

I put it down to my addiction to Go Fug Yourself where such outfits are strictly forbidden.

And if I were ever to wear such a thin plaited belt? It would be lost in the rolls of fat before I was even out the front door.

Oh to be tall and thin.
jo said…
yes indeed, dressing gown. it rater freaked me out a bit when husband moved here that he always looked for his dressing gown in the very upper crusty that expression is.
I shall have to look and see if I get a chance. We shall be in Manchester and Bath and possibly Harrogate and Llandilio
Amy A. said…
I think the necky dress would look good on a bosom-y girl, and I have gathered that you are a bosom-y girl. You should snatch one up if you get a chance.

I tried the long tunic over jeans this morning, but changed. I'm just a tad too thick in the middle as of yet. Maybe after a few more weeks of pilates.
alice c said…
I'm sorry but if you ever come to London you are coming to see ME and not wasting your time shopping for outfits that might make you look pyschopathic, pregnant or weird. I will take you to shops where you can buy dressing gowns and shoes with no backs. Robes might be more difficult because you wear them for Coronations.

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