The fans have never won a reward challenge.
It's been raining a lot.
I liked last week's immunity challenge with the coconut toss.
Jonathan and Cirie have been manipulating.
K wants to know how many bathing suits they have.
Cirie betrayed teammates.
Amy apologizes to Cirie.
Jonathan is fed up with Cirie because she flipped her vote.
They argue.
Is Chet gone?
I think Cirie might have to go. She's ornery this time and that doesn't play well.
I'm taking notes straight on to my laptop.

I'm already sick of The Other Bolyn Girl. We debate the BBC version of the Jane Austen books. I really have no feelings for Colin Firth.

Day 9 at the Fan camp, I see that Chet is still there. Picking his teeth. Joel is describing the mood at the tribe.
Someone hacks an eel on the beach.
Natalie says Chet is lazy.
Mikey isn't fond of him either, says he's not "in the game." "Chet is gone."

At the Favorites camp, Eliza doesn't feel well. James is taking care of her. She knows she could go home because of it.
James only wants to keep the strong players.
The team debates whether they should have voted Eliza out the night before instead of Yau.
She HATES these people and hopes they get sick and have to be removed from the game.

The reward challenge is swimming to a buried steel cage. From under the water they must retrieve coconuts and then unscramble a word puzzle with them.
The reward is live chickens - and choosing someone to go to Exile Island.

The water is so beautiful where they are...Ozzy and Jason take an early lead.
There are tiny fish where the teams are swimming.
Ozzy fixes the coconuts so they are easy to retrieve.
The favorites take a lead because of this.
This makes me want to swim in a warm clear ocean...
The fans tie it up.
The favorites get all their coconuts first but the fans are working quickly.
The favorites have a "big lead" thanks to Ozzy.
And they win thanks to James guessing the solution of the puzzle.

Kathy gets sent to Exile Island again. Why we wonder...
Ozzy goes with her.
My theory is that they have sent Kathy because they think she knows where the idol is and will tell Ozzy.

Commercial interruptions. You could not PAY ME to see the new Will Farrell movie.

After the challenge, the fans are feeling a little blue. They sing the praises of Ozzy and talk about how weak Kathy is.

But on Exile Island Kathy is enjoying Ozzy's company. She says she doesn't care about finding the immunity idol. Ozzy tells her he's going to look for food but he goes off to find the idol. He does pretty well going through the clues and gets to #4, and under a rock, in a tree that is hanging over the beach, he finds the idol. He does a good job of hiding it in his hat and then bag, so Kathy doesn't know. He decides to "take a lesson from Yau" and fashions a fake idol and wraps it in cloth and hides it where he found the real one.

On day 11 Cirie is talking to the chickens. They are thinking of eating one of them. Pavarti and Eliza go for a walk and talk about the next vote. Eliza is pushing for Jonathan to go next. He walks up right behind them and follows them. He "feels sorry" for Eliza. And Pavarti realizes that Eliza is just trying to save herself.

But it's time for the immunity challenge.
Ozzy and Kathy come back and Jeff talks to Ozzy about the idol. Ozzy says it was hard.
The challenge is vaguely familiar and involves moving through trees with large metal poles that have been locked together.
The Favorites take an early lead.
The Fans are doing poorly.
Very poorly.
The Favorites are doing very well.
The Fans are stuck.
The puzzle is complicated but Cirie and Eliza are doing well.
The favorites win through the good work of the two most controversial members of the team.

After the challenge Mikey wonders what Joel is going to do. He is going to vote Chet out, keep Joel around and betray him at the end. Tracy thinks Chet should go, then Kathy. Chet says his mind and head are in the game but his body is out. Tracy says she's going down with a fight because she knows she's in danger. Tracy badgers Joel about voting for Mikey.
Right? Am I confused about people's names?
Chet thinks it's him and he doesn't seem to feel too badly about it.

Jeff is a little flippant at Tribal about seeing the Fans again.
Joel looks like a caveman.
Chet admits that he hasn't "delivered" in challenges.
Mikey says that Chet may not have the strength to go on. He wants the weak to be voted off.
Keeping the team strong is debated.
Some guy (don't know his name) makes a plea to vote to keep the team strong.
I think I can't look at Joel anymore...
It looks like people are voting for Chet.
But the editing makes me think it could be Mike...
Tied, Chet and Mike.
And Mike goes.

I like the choral music when the vote has been read.

Gosh, the Fan team is disappointing.
But I still love the show.
Next week: switching tribes? Jonathan gets hurt?!
Stay tuned.


Badger said…
This episode was alternately confusing and boring as hell.

I do think you got the names right. I don't think Tracy was saying Chet and Kathy should go, though. I think she was saying that IF Chet went, Kathy would be next, and Tracy would be after that.

Tracy kept telling Joel they had five, with him, to vote off Mikey and I could not figure out who the fifth person was. Tracy, Chet, Kathy and Joel makes FOUR. But then that one really young-looking guy with the terrible long hair voted for Mikey.


Oh, and I loved the return of the "hub" challenge. I am not good at the visual/spacial and my team would be hating me so much if I had to do that.
Anonymous said…
Tracy told Joel that all he had to do was get one person (the fifth) to vote Mikey off NOW. If one of Tracy, Chet or Kathy got voted off, they wouldn't be able to help him get rid of Mikey "next time". I thought she was very convincing. And Joel is a bit of a sheep.
alice c said…
I can't comment because I am too distracted by the kitten staring at me from the side bar. I can cope with Euro Steamers and light fittings but kittens are unnerving.
Anonymous said…
Really? You don't like Colin Firth? (That's all I got out of your post since I don't watch Survivor.) Now you can ask me, "Really? You don't like Survivor?" heh.
chicken said…
Joel DOES look like a caveman...I think that next season, they should have a camp hairstylist...because frankly, Kathy could use a good cut, too.
Instead of playing for fire or food, they are going to play for a haircut. People, think about these things before you audition for Survivor. I could never do it. I couldn't be without my flat iron.
I don't like Chet.