It was all I could do to TEAR myself away from my NEW STEAMER to cook a yummy dinner of chicken fajitas and watch Survivor, but I managed.

This week I learned that the hulk/no neck/bad tattoo guy is Joel.
Two couples are spending lots of time together.
Two sets of alliances need Cirie.
Mikey tried to control the game but Mary went home anyway.
Joel has very white teeth.

I think Eliza has a new bathing suit.
The Favorites are juggling, figuring, manipulating. I'm liking Cirie.

For the evening's first challenge, the teams are given war paint, invent war cries and must cross a lagoon in a tackle football type game to capture large rice sacks and bring them to their end-zones.
The winners get to choose their rewards from a catalogue of rewards.
The Fans want shelter, lights and a survival kit as their reward.
The Favorites request fishing gear, shelter and a kitchen set as their prize.
It's a tough challenge - like playing football in two feet of water. A good competition to watch and the Favorites win.
Krazy Kathy and Amy The Nanny get sent to Exile Island, where Amy is not able to put together the clues to find the idol and Kathy doesn't have the patience to pursue it.

After the challenge, Cirie tells us that she thinks the team should work harder to try to get her vote. She confides in Amanda and Pavarti who tell her they are just snuggling the men to keep them on their side, but that they'd vote with Cirie.

There is a huge rain storm and the Fans get soaked. It's a rough night, but the Favorites have a tarp and do well.
In the morning Joel looks beaten down. Everyone in his camp is shriveled and covered with sand. No one slept. Nipples are showing, teeth are chattering. Note to me: bring a warm hat.

It's time for another challenge -
half of each team hold a rope which suspends a large net basket. Opposing members toss coconuts into the baskets rendering them heavier with each successful toss.
Although muscular James and his team seem confident and strong, they lose.
Other note to me: James' tongue is pierced.

Both challenges are over and it's only 8:35 - we all know that this means at least ten minutes of manipulation and scheming.
My girl-crush nanny is sad.
Yau and Jonathan think Pavarti should be voted off.
She knows this.
Ozzy wants Eliza to go.
Cirie wants it to be Yau, and she wants everyone to do what she is doing...I like her less.
Jonathan confronts nanny Amy and states his case to Cirie, but it doesn't go well.
Everyone is "keeping it real," and despite appearances and what I remember of each of them from before, I find myself believing and sympathizing with Jonathan. And being annoyed with Cirie's stubbornness.
Pavarti thinks they should vote with Cirie, but we see through this.
There is so much crazy whispering that I have to go have a lemon square*.
The team is split three ways on the vote, it would seem.

At Tribal, there is much discussion.
This team seems much more concerned about the end game, having lived it before.
Jonathan and Cirie argue.
Eliza makes faces.

Yau gets voted out as the reasoning seems to be that he is a danger. People feel that he will get sent to Exile Island, find the idol easily and then be unbeatable.
And so, he goes home.

I'm off to steam my bathroom.

*lemon squares! a post! coming soon!


KPB said…


did they work?
did they work?
did they work?

the lemon squares that is...
Anonymous said…
I enjoy lemon squares too. Especially after sex ;)
Mmmm...lemon squares. I'm going to make some in 3 or 4 years when my lemon tree produces some fruit!
Amy A. said…
I didn't get to watch it all but I was sad to see Yau go.

I'll have to watch the whole thing to see why Cirie was being so hard.

Hate Eliza's hair.
Badger said…
Cirie was smart to get rid of Yau before he could possibly find an immunity idol, but I like him more than I like her so now I will have to hate on her A WHOLE BUNCH.

And because I know you count on me for these things, you got the reward challenge wish list reversed -- the fans wanted the fishing kit and kitchen stuff. The favorites already had a fishing kit.
Stephanie said…
I am waiting patiently to hear about the steamer. I am imagining you steaming everything.

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