It's been a little warm here in Tuvalu, and if it's not going to snow or be blustery, then I'll take spring, thankyouverymuch. I don't care for summer though, so don't get any ideas.
And when spring temperatures start to creep into the forecast, what do I think of?

I swear I'm ordering them

And, while I don't need a stitch of spring or summer clothing, I do need black dressy flats. I have two formal-ish functions to attend this spring and my black flats are very pointy (read:uncomfortable) and tear up my achilles tendons. I've tried everything including attending a wedding with tape on the back of my ankles, but the shoes hurt me terribly.
I swear I'm ordering these.

I'm also pretty sure I need white sneakers/trainers. I CANNOT wear Crocs all summer. I won't. Damn it.


I like these Converse very much, but I'm concerned as lots of CHILDREN wear them here.
So, I'm leaning toward these:


Love them.

BUT WAIT. WE INTERRUPT THIS PERFECTLY AVERAGE POST TO REPORT THAT I HAVE JUST HAD A CALL FROM SUSIE SUNSHINE, (must go to lowercase now) who no longer HAS a DAMN BLOG because she's a professional. Anyway, I was delighted to hear that Susie is coming to see me! This summer!
Now I know I need shoes.
Susie reports that she has never been to the ocean!
We can thrift!
We can ogle!

I have to go write an outline of events!


Mary said…
Fantastic about Susie Sunshine.

Definitely the white converse - oh good grief have just spied the word verification code - will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.
Velma said…
An outline?!? Not a list, but an outline?

I can totally see it now:

I. Day One
A. Breakfast
1. O.J.
2. Pastry
a. Muffin
b. Bagel
c. Toast
i. Wheat
ii. Raisin...
Anonymous said…
Why in heavens name can you NOT wear Crocs all summer? Well, maybe you did last year and you don't want to repeat yourself, but really, Crocs are unbeatable for quick, easy comfort.

And what's wrong with the Converse? You may be mistaken for a nascent 12-year-old and get to nab a potential child molester all at once.

I'll leave now.
Saoirse said…
I'm LOVING the black flats. If I could, I would wear black flats every day of the year. I can't make out the tag/lable--who makes those?
KPB said…
My feet are too in-between for crocs. It actually makes me cross.
That I can't wear them.

Can you get me a pair of those black flats too? They are a very fine pair of flats if ever I have seen a pair of flats. And shoes. Shoes I know.
I love those black flats!!!

I actually have a pair of the Crocs ballet flats in black and they are so damn comfortable. Really.
Wendy said…
I see no reason to be concerned about wearing the same shoes as the children in your neighborhood. I have been known to actually buy children's shoes for myself. (They're usually cheaper than the women's and if you wear a 7 or smaller it works.)

Also, I'm hoping Susie brings me too! Please put Do Kham(sp?) and PurlSoho on the outline.
I NEED comfortable black flats! Seriously! I have arthritis and bone spurs behind my Achilles Tendons and I can't find shoes that don't make the back of my feet swell up and scream at me. And I wear black flats to work every day. Can you hear my feet screaming?
Sarah said…
1. I love your taste in shoes.

2. Check my blog for your little award!
Poppy Buxom said…
Party at blackbird's!

Annagrace said…
Love them all, but I LUUUB Jack Purcells so much! Thank you for reminding me that I need a new pair
Anonymous said…
K Swiss for me. Crocs...oh my. Never.

Shoes aside (or under the bed) I am astounded by SS never having been to the ocean. I am just so amazed by that. Being an East Coast gal it never occurs to me that people have not. I cannot imagine standing there and seeing it for the first time. I say it calls for a clambake.
Miz S said…
Susie Sunshine is the Awesome. You guys will have a blast.
Susie Sunshine said…
Hey! I live in the Great Lake State, which means I've stood on a sandy shore with nothing but water as far as the eye can see, PLENTY OF TIMES.(And it is shark, jellyfish, and whale piss-free water!)

But I am excited!
alice c said…
Don't Uggs make flats for the summer?
Joke said…
You MUST get those Jack Purcell sneakers. Must, I tell you.

Anonymous said…
OH MY GOD!!! can I come too?!!
Pretty Things said…
I quite like those Converse! And I can't wear Crocs at ALL.
Anonymous said…
Dear BB - Who makes those little black flats? I can't make it out. Thanks.

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