Middle and I are addicted to these.


Gooey goodness.
Fiery hotness.
(I had to think of how to spell that.)

As a loyal Tuvaluan, I don't usually discuss the politics of ANY nation. But I couldn't resist, and posted this:


Middle has been working hard to teach himself a 3D program.

<span class=

It hasn't taken very long and he's getting very creative with it.

Middle snowman2

I'm hoping he doesn't teach himself too much. I don't want him to be bored at film school.


Paola and I had the same flowers at Valentine's day. This kind of thing has happened more than once.

It's nearly that time again - let's celebrate the Ten Plagues!
This year, I spied these-

ten plagues

There were face masks too. I'm not sure what scenario would involve finger puppets of the ten plagues, but I'm staying open minded. I can't decide if I'd like to be boils? or darkness.

<span class=

That's where we are staying in Wellfleet, and I'm tracking Sharyn Lindsay down and having a gin and tonic with her.

My brother discovered a new ichat toy -

chat pic

it makes me laugh. This is the best one -


because the lips and eyes are his and move. Trust me, it's the kind of funny that works your abs.

blue bottles

Does anyone collect cobalt bottles? I cleared out a closet and came across these. Make me an offer and I will: wash them, lovingly wrap them, and ship them to you. Don't they look pretty sitting on my washing machine? They would look even prettier on a window-ledge.

I'm off to the mall! With my best pal M!
We haven't been out shopping in a very long time, but she's temporarily unemployed!

I'm bringing my camera.


Badger said…
I like Hot Tamales, but right now I'm all about the cinnamon Mentos.

Hey, has Middle ever used Blender? It's some kind of animation thing, and the boy child has been on a BLENDER BENDER for days now. It looks pretty cool but I don't understand a bit of it.

Put me down for either blood or locusts, in the plague puppet show.
Anonymous said…
mmmmh Hot Tamales...I so love love love them.
Yes, tulips...believe it or not mine are STILL there...but ready to go any minute.
Middle will become very famous, go to the Oscars and we will all be able to say: Hey, I knew that man when he barely started his business, at home, on her mom's blog...all of this while he'll be giving his very hip and cool speech.
Oooh, I'll be lice. Truly a horrific plague.

As for the cobalt bottles, I'll email you.
Anonymous said…
I have to say, your son will probably guest lecture his freshman year at film school. (sigh...wonder if that gives you a tuition break?) I adore tulips and that bouquet is simply gorgeous. I have flower envy bad now.
Sandra E said…
I'll send you a hand tatted (by me) bookmark for your bottles - I'm a working mom with 3 boys too.
Allison said…
Ok, funny, funny, FUNNY! Your blog is hysterical. Hmmm . . those cinnamon candies seem oddly appealing to this preggo at 8am in the morning. Oh, and BTW? The previous post had me in stitches. Especial Daniel's mom's brooch.
barbra said…
I covet your Valentine's tulips. That is a gorgeous color.

After FAR TOO MANY hints, my husband bought me some tulips on Feb. 23. What a romantic!
barbra said…
Oh, and also, did you see Tina Fey on Weekend Update on SNL talking about Hillary? You should find it on YouTube if you haven't. Regardless of who you like in the election, we can always count on Tina Fey to say just the right thing about "Hillary is a bitch" faction!
I think I'd like to be lice. He looks pretty cheerful.

I think Sharyn is closing her blog. She seems sad lately. I hope you can find a way to see her in Wellfleet, I'm sure everyone in town knows her.
Anonymous said…

Try Fire Tamales- they are KICK-ASS if you can find them! My husband used to know the owner of the company, and he gave him a bunch of them when they first came out, but they are always sold out in the area stores.
Fannie said…
Ten Plagues Finger Puppets - I need them.
Wendy said…
We have a little theater for those puppets! I think I'm partial to the locusts.

And I have some red tulips on the new dining table today. I can't wait to start seeing them push through the snow outside.
Anonymous said…
Oh, good we're going shopping! I love it when you take us shopping. :D
Katie: said…
Sign me up for boils! That one was always my favorite!

Lawd! My fella used to collect cobalt bottles! I had to exorcise that fetish!
Anonymous said…
Let me explain about the Passover Plagues Finger Puppets. We don't have puppets, but we do have little toy wild animals, frogs, and locusts. During the Seder, they get passed around to children and anybody who wants one. When the part about each plague is read, they person with that puppet waves it around and makes appropriate noises (the wild animals make growling noises). I want those puppets. My favorites are darkness and blood.

Give Sharyn a hug for me when you see her.
Amy A. said…
Oooh! A shopping trip. I can hardly wait.
islaygirl said…
o, to be bb's best pal M.

and hug sharyn for me, too. though i plan to be in wellfleet myself for awhile this summer. you two have a bond, tho.
Anonymous said…
(chiming in late) I'd trade you a small hand-made-by-me objet d'knit in the color scheme of your choice for those bottles. I have lots of cobalt glass but no vintage cobalt glass.
Anonymous said…
Hot Tamales? Yum. I can make myself sick on them very easily.

And I LOVE that you have a blackboard.
Unknown said…
The Pesach puppets are a semi-new invention to keep children with very short attention spans interested in and involved in the Passover seder. Why in MY day, back when dinosaurs roamed, we were bored during the seder and we LIKED it. The best part was when my dad would invariably yell at my sister "If you don't stop fooling around THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST SEDER" and all the kids would cheer!

Kids today...spoiled rotten!
Macy D said…
Hot tamales are absolutely delicious and help answer the question of how to tighten skin.

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