I enjoyed watching The Thomas Crown Affair the other night.
Looking at Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo for a couple of hours is easy as pie.
And, sure, the original is better, but this one has Dennis Leary in it.

dennis leary

I like him too.

lace up wellies

Okay, Wendy, these are the wellies I was talking about. Now the real question is: where the heck did I get this photo?

I often find beauty in every day objects.


I see attractiveness in things people take for granted.


Why doesn't anyone have these at their breakfast bar?


Youngest has been hiding from my camera lately.

fried wontons good

K's wontons are amazing fried too.

doctor's sign

For a while I thought this sign said Pediatric Internal Adoption Center.
It's quite the group of doctors, isn't it? You should SEE the waiting room.

nice bedroom

I just love this room (from Domino? not sure) and it is not unlike my bedroom. Why doesn't MY room feel like this? Serene like this? I'LL TELL YOU WHY: piles of crappe in every corner. And I JUST KNOW that these people have crappe too, but the stylist moved it all out of frame. So there.


I finally got to see the Jeremy Piven: Journey of a Lifetime program. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped. In fact, although he seemed well humbled by what he saw, he still sort of came off as a Hollywood Hindu traipsing through India.


See? In his black Chinese army hat.

I did, however, very much enjoy his Laughing Yoga class.


K is very busy right now - all kinds of film stuff is going on. His wardrobe is limited (we've discussed this here), and I'm pleased to note that the spring line is posted over at Engineered Garments.

Engineered Garments

Can't you just see him in this?

Engineered Garments

It's the very fine details that give it all away.
A casual insouciance reigns. Don't you think?

Engineered Garments

The model seems to feel as K might.

Engineered Garments

I just want to put a thought bubble over his head...

Engineered Garments

All the way to the bank, buddy, ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.


BabelBabe said…
the FIRST thing I noticed on that sign was that apostrophe. I am such a dork.

and no man in his right mind should ever don white bucks. they scream Tom Wolfe, and Peter O'Toole in "The Ruling Class."
darah said…
Thank you for your post. I've had a crap morning (that has already lasted for hours) and have been waiting patiently for someone on my google reader to post something funny to help dig me out of my morning. I very much enjoyed the model.

Do you think he looks like that all the time? I feel like if I saw him on the street I'd feel the need to take him someplace safe. Even though he looks lovely albeit slightly startled at his predicament. So, thank you for posting so early in the morning! It made my day better. Happy Friday.
Anonymous said…
That sign confuses me.
I do love that Jeremy Piven--ever since he was on Ellen.
Those clothes are so veddy Briddish looking, aren't they?
MaudeLowell said…
Hello from a new fan - I'm in LOVE!!
MizMell said…
All those men's clothes look as if they were previously wadded up. Are they supposed to be that wrinkled?
Olga said…
Is the dog saying all the way to the bank? Cuz the guy looks like he just came off a 7 day bender....wearing those clothes while he was at it.
She She said…
I love Rene Russo. And Dennis Leary. And Mark Ruffalo. (I know you didn't mention Mark Ruffalo. Just thought I'd throw him in.)
Anonymous said…
Peirce and Renee was one of the hottest GROWN UP sex scenes in a movie ever. Jeremy..bit of a schlemiel. Yet kind of cute. And BB when are YOU trying out for Survivor. Come on, you know you want to!
Wendy said…
The wellies are a possility, though I might still mourn the fact that the standard ones won't fit me.
jo said…
In my next life I want Renee Russo's hair and body. Please god.
I loved the original cause it had the VW dune buggy I used to own in it. Made me feel like I had a little vicarious Steve McQueen association...MEOW
islaygirl said…
i love that movie. LOVE. for the wardrobe alone.

but that sign? i see the apostrophe, but what does it mean? at least without the apostrophe it means something (even if its nonsensical). You know what i mean.
Mary said…
Saw the apostrophe too. Anal me.

Love that movie. Have seen a few times now.

I have to say I like some of those slouchy, casual relaxed looking outfits. Except the weird vest. It annoys me for some reason.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Jeremy Piven. He is so likeable, and yet, right on the edge of likeable. He could turn a corner on me, I don't know.

P.S. I tagged you for a meme.
Unknown said…
I saw the apostrophe, too, and thought it was just some weird typo. Then, oh. International.

What a strange combo in that office.
Anonymous said…
There will be no vests in my future. Nuff said.

Caron said…
Do you suppose the model's got a copyright on that expression?
kt said…
Thomas Crown Affair-hot.hot.HOT!

Jeremy Piven-liked him on Ellen, but for someone traipsing about foreign lands, give me Michael Palin any time of the day or night. Love that he's got a new (to me, anyhow) series going.

Guy model looks like someone is patsh-ing his tokhes.