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One of the many great features of K's new phone is the camera. Sure, it doesn't zoom, and I don't always remember how to use it, but it affords me the perfect opportunity to take pictures of people around me without them realizing.
I don't suppose this is very nice of me, but I'm not especially nice.

K and I had coffee at Starbucks the other day and I caught some interesting Tuvaluans as they went about their mornings.

guy reading Poetry

I used to see this man at the comfortable, locally owned, coffee shop all the time.
He'd be kibbitzing with a gang of other men, having a wonderful time. Alas, that shop has closed and I sometimes see him here - reading and making notes, from Poetry magazine. He has a warm manner that I like and I only really know him from seeing him in town or that other coffee shop, but he always nods at me.
I like that too.


I don't know these ladies at all, but I love they way they are dressed. The one in the blue jacket had a slightly loopy look going on. A hat, earmuffs AND scarf, and a bright parka, and boots - but she had a look going, and I appreciated it.
The man at the table was wearing a natty suit that was very well fitted in an unexpected kind of color. I see now that he either had no socks or interesting socks - but I didn't notice then.
The woman behind him had an interesting melange. You can see her better in this picture:


She had billowy trousers, a long tunic, a short jacket, a print bag, a big scarf and an iPod. You wouldn't think she'd look good - but she did.

But my bonus shot came at the library. I almost didn't get the phone from K in time...

lady at library

A small lady. In a beautifully cut longish coat that appeared to be Alpaca. She had a long long cardi on underneath it but it was not at all bulky. Then jeans and embroidered wool clogs. She had a fabulous looking hat with a matching scarf in that apple green - and gloves to match. She wore the scarf outside the coat, tied neatly at her neck. She had a perfect bob haircut with just the ends poking out of the front of her hat, and the thumbs of her gloves had worn through at the ends so I could see her fingertips.
She was beautiful.

And it was a shame it took me a few seconds to fiddle with the phone - usually, when I see someone looking so perfect, I make a point to tell them, but I was too busy getting the picture.

hat and scarf

She was borrowing a Wiggles dvd, which means that it is unlikely she moves in my circles...but I'd love to see her again to pay her the compliment.

I thought about her for a while...


tut-tut said…
The Wiggles detail is what got me . . .
sueeeus said…
Of course you will find beautiful people at the library!! I suspect that Suse might dress something like that, if she lived in Tuvalu (or a cooler climate than Down Under). And she would look willowy and lovely and not one bit bulky too.
Suse said…
I certainly don't dress like that at this time of year.

And sadly I am not quite so willowy around the lower half any more.

Sigh ... back to yoga and pilates.
Miz S said…
She looks divine. It helps to be impossibly slim and have sparkly eyes.
Kris said…
I like your description of the poetry man. I also have very warm feelings for strangers at my coffee shop, people I see very often looking interesting and interested and kind. I don't think I want to be friends, I just like knowing they are a tiny piece of life to look forward to.

I also like the glasses of the woman with the unlikely ensemble. She's how I'd like to look if the world were a kinder place!
Kim said…
What the hell does that woman have in that massive bag? A dead wombat? Roadkill? Some poor mammal she knocked down dead while snow ploughing her driveway? The nextdoor neighbour's dog? A child due at daycare?

She's going to put her back out carrying all that shit around.

I'm just saying.

And I'm deeply envious of anyone able to wear layers and look natty at the same time.
I, on the other hand, simply look lumpy and large - which is then so hard for people to marry with the other core term that comes to mind when I attempt anything in this realm of layers - homeless.
Geggie said…
I love a natty suit.

Good to know that the iPhone doesn't zoom. I didn't think it did, but kinda assumed that I just hadn't figured out how to do it yet.
Eliane said…
Tuvaluans look a lot like Torontonians.
RW said…
I love the image of the woman at the library. I love the togue with the hair poking out just so... very simone weil looking without the glasses...

I also love the fact that you tell people they are looking lovely. I love to do that too. If someone has a great haircut I tell them.
I love you!

I wish I had the guts to do this. Cause you know I want to!
Melissa said…
Oh the old man who lost his local coffee hang out. It makes me a little sad...
chicken said…
My friend uses his iphone to take pictures on the train into DC. I have been the recipient of many hilarious pictures! You are much kinder than he!!
It is good that you use your powers for good, not evil!!
Anne said…
Nice post. Makes me miss living in Chicago or Baltimore. (sigh)
Ginnie said…
I would love to come hang out with you for a day. You turn the mundane into experiences.

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