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Somehow, at a party I crashed at Blogher, I won a door prize. It was a year subscription to Organize magazine. It took a long time for the subscription to begin: for me to receive my first issue, and, in fact, I got TWO issues in January with a letter of apology for their timing.
I glanced at the magazines and then brought them with me to Chicago where I left them with one of my hostesses, Wendy.
Now that we've all SEEN Wendy's house we can see that this was a wasted effort.
Wendy doesn't need any help with the organizing. She has a closet for handbags.
My point is: I didn't get a follow-up look at them. You know, when a magazine first arrives you give it the once-through. Then you read anything that caught your eye, and then, you (I) do the follow-up and decide if I need to save or recycle or use the magazine for future reference. I didn't do the follow-up and couldn't remember if I thought it was a good magazine or not.

Yesterday I received the March/April issue.
It's a nice looking little magazine. Not little like Everyday Food, but slim. With a nice matte finish.
The cover boasts the following:

Sherri Shepherd - the View's newest c0-host reveals how clutter was consuming her life and gives us a tour of her incredibly organized Manhattan apartment.
Sherri herself is on the cover looking smug and busty in front of a closet in which one could perform open heart surgery it's so sterile.
What makes the editors think I want to read this article? Every picture is the acme of perfection.
I don't want to see that.
I want to see how BAD it was BEFORE.
That's what makes ME happy.

Procrastination: our life coach Dorothy Breininger explains why it can be good.
I'll tell YOU why it can be good. It can be good because I've been doing it for forty blah blah years and I'M DOING JUST FINE.
Another article I'm not interested in.
Maybe I'll read it. Later.

The Flylady shares her daily commandments.
I've checked into the "Flylady" and I have this to say: it IS a good idea to do a fast once over on several areas of your home daily. I agree with some of the "Flylady" principles. But the "Flylady" needs to get herself a "Graphic Design Lady" because, in my opinion, her site is butt ugly. And why would I purchase this magazine off a newsstand if I can read her butt-ugly site for free? I know some Flylady subscribers and they have kind of a glazed look in their eyes...what's really going on with that Flylady?

that's exactly how it looks on the cover.

I'll get back to you but I'm pretty sure this entire publication is one long advertisement for closet organizing systems and beautifully designed file folders.


Amy A. said…
All I know is that I need some kind of intervention with the pile of stuff in which I live. Maybe I should take a look-see.

You are right about the fly lady. It's very unappealing.
islaygirl said…
every once in a while i'll revisit flylady. after a recent breakup i decided to CLEAN MY HOUSE and flylady was a good place to start. but she has this suggestion for toilet cleaning that made me want to wash in bleach: in the morning, during your quick onceover, you're supposed to have a tub of leftover shampoo and water with a toilet brush in it.

then every day you swish the brush around the toilet. and put the brush back into the tub of shampoo and water.

all i could think of was that shampoo was not designed to kill germs, and what kind of fresh hell would be in that container by the end of a week?


so no flylady for me.
Anonymous said…
There's intervention and then there's meddling and being annoying. I think the people in this magazine and Flylady sound annoying. And really? The clutter-bugs I know would never pick up this magazine and get any ideas because they don't think they're that bad.

Must go alphabetize spice rack now...
Anonymous said…
MY adhd kid is also OC and his sock theory:
"Once you wear them and your feet are in them and they touch the floor...well now they are not right and I want new ones. Also I would like one BRAND NEW IN THE PACKAGE white tee shirt every day."

Most kids his age fantasize about Jessica Alba, he wants tee shirts in bulk.
barbra said…
At first I thought it was "helping the child with ADHD find time for you" and that really sounded like something!
Poppy Buxom said…
Well, hey, at least you got your prize. I supposedly won something too, but I never got it.

It was a toybox, by the way. Which I so don't need, what with my children being 11 and 12 years old.

But if it had shown up, I might have used it to ORGANIZE something. And then I could have written a blog post about it--which would have become a magazine article--and the next thing you know, I would have STARTED A MAGAZINE.

For Blackbird to make fun of on her blog.
Most of it sounds redundant, but the ADHD thing, did it seem relevant in any way? As in, do I need to be tracking down this magazine for that article?
Wendy said…
Oops, I was supposed to tell you what I thought of those wasn't I? The answer- pretty much what you did. And I only use fly lady on an "as needed" basis. I like her "weekly blessing" and "zone cleaning" stuff though it doesn't always get done around here. Keeps me focused when I do have time for it though.

You'll be pleased to know that my suitcase from our trip downtown over a month ago? Just got put away two days ago. By my husband. Because he was sick of tripping on it on our bedroom floor. I hate putting things away that require a stool for doing so.
tut-tut said…
I don't think I would care to pick up a magazine with Sherri Shepherd on the cover nor the Flylady within--especially at the dentist's office.
Miz S said…
Here's a magazine that pisses me off: Real Simple. I think they should call it Real Expensive Stuff And Lots Of It.
alice c said…
Don't be horrible about the FlyLady. I have a secret weakness for her website. It IS the ugliest website on the Internet but you kind of get sucked in because it is so difficult to find what you want. Afterwards you find yourself thinking in abbreviations - CHAOS? no problem!
MsCellania said…
Most magazines piss me off. The house-y ones make me feel my house will NEVER be up to snuff, the fasion-y ones make me feel dowdy and out of step, the trend-y ones makes me feel OLD and intolerant and food-y ones convince my cooking is crappe. I fell MUCH better avoiding enlightenment by magazine.
MsCellania said…
hahahahah - my wv was catlog
Another media form I avoid like the plague
Caterina said…
I like to think I'm organized and therefore pretend to be totally into these kinda magazines, but in reality I am kidding myself.

I have, however, been able to organize my closet -- the rest of the house is a mess :)
village mama said…
traced you via a comment at Amy T Sharp's...great place you've got here!

I visited Flylady once, 'interesting', but too butt-ugly to return to. You are not wrong, not at a-l-l.

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