a note to my friends on Goodreads

I appreciate that a large percentage of my readers are avid book readers as well as blog readers but I have disappointing news - I am not a book reader.
I haven't read with any passion since I began blogging and I can only assume that writing here and reading the blogs I love has filled that spot in my life.
I'm sort of ashamed to admit this as so many of my friends here are such voracious readers, but there you are.
And so, I am politely declining your invitations to join you on Goodreads. I'd have nothing to add.
Besides, I have a hard enough time remembering to Twitter.


Miz S said…
I know what you mean. I can't keep up with everything. I do read, but I don't have time to then write about my reading. I joined Goodreads in a fit of enthusiasm but I don't think I've been back since.
MsCellania said…
I doubt I've read 40 books since having kids 7 years ago. And even less since computer addiction became full fledged. It's ALL reading, the way I reckon it. If I get The Economist read every week, it's a good week.
Velma said…
I've been purposely avoiding the Twitter. Twitter scares me. But it sounds better if I use a hillbilly accent and say, "I'm afeared o' Twitter.
Anonymous said…
I don't even know what Twitter is, and I can't remember the last time I read a book --even though I love books. For the shame of it!! Something's gotta give, though.
That's okay, I read enough for the both of us and you probably Twitter enough for the both of us. (I do not Twitter at all.)
Anonymous said…
I have a book that must be finished by the 15th. And somehow, I just keep sitting here with my laptop.
Poppy Buxom said…
The thing is, I am a reader. But I don't care what's new, or what my friends like, or what Oprah recommends. I'm too busy catching up with what's already around.

And I only read books where people don't swear, have sex, or do drugs. Also, I don't like it when my favorite characters die.

So I just bought a shitload of Anthony Trollope novels on eBay.

Honestly, I should change my blog name to Hot Air from an Old Fart.
Jennifer said…
I once got so many invites for that I added it just to see. Forgot all about it and then one day I got an email from goodreads. I was like "OH YEAH.. forgot I had that. LOL I haven't read a book since the last Harry Potter. And even then I forced myself to read it.

So I totally know what you mean. I'm not a reader either. I only read blogs and even then if the post is too long, I'll just skim it. :)
alice c said…
Reading...I do it a page at a time before I fall asleep. Which is why references to literature are few and far between.

Errr...I tagged you...but I think that you might enjoy it...honest.
KPB said…
Hands up everyone who wants Poppy to change the name of her blog to Hot Air from an Old Fart?

I'm so with you on this.
Joke said…
I'm not sure what Twitter is, exactly, except that it sounds like one of those things that people put on their blogs to slow their loading to a veritable crawl.

Ginnie said…
Those of us who read still love you now that we know you don't. But I don't know what Goodreads is - have to look that up. And I just can't get past the name Twitter, especially when I see my nephew's facebook page saying "Jim is Twittering". Sounds creepy.