my thoughts on the new Boden line

I've been watching some spots of Full Frontal Fashion, which is fun but not alway easy as several of the commentators remind me of Pekingese dogs and make me crazy, and I feel the need to point out several important looks for Fall 08. Apparently it's all about:

short high heeled boots
gray tights
longer hemlines
full skirts

I'll keep you posted but, aside from the boots and tights, I'm ready.

In the meantime, I was on the phone the other day with Susie and she was debating some items from the Boden catalogue.

good dress

We discussed this dress. I think this dress would be lovely on someone taller than me, with firm upper arms and a smooshy mid-section. Not that I was talking about anyone in particular. I don't think Susie is smooshy anywhere at all, I am merely saying that this appears to be a flattering dress. But I'll shut up about it now as I seem to be digging a hole.


I'm pretty sure this bag is less than $200 - which I think, if one is considering an expensive bag, could be a worthwhile investment. I do purchase $16.00 bags at Target too, though - but, I'm sorry to report, I have never seen a decent bag at a thrift shop. I'm just putting this one out there. Nice bag. Let's move on.


We both love this skirt. I have concerns about the quality - but I still like it a lot. But I like it in beige.

note for wendy

I don't have a lot of blue. Also, I'd like WENDY to take note of this skirt as Susie and I decided that she should make one for each of us.


I could never wear this top.
I'd fall over.




See? This is what I"m talking about with the Boden. If I'm paying $78 for a sweater (AND I'M NOT) then I don't think you should be able to SEE THROUGH IT.


This is the kind of dress that I THINK I'll like and look good in. In truth it is the kind of dress that makes me look short and fat and round.


Don't waste my time.

Oh! nighdress

Do you know what this model is saying?
She's saying: OH! THIS NIGHTDRESS IS $38.00.

I'm done.

I don't have a nightdress/pajamas/lingerie and I'm not starting my collection at Boden. And lingerie is definitely a thrift shop no-no.
I need underwear too. TMI?
I'm thinking I may have to go to Steve and Barry's, where nothing is more than $25.
And even that's not happening as I put the espresso pot in the dishwasher last night.
If you don't know what that means, just remember never to do it.
If you do, take pity on me. It just looked so grotty that I completely forgot that it is the cardinal sin of Italian kitchens.
Never mind. I made myself roll coins and buy a new one.

I'm hoping my continual sneezing is due to allergies, and I plan on living in a world of denial until at least Thursday.

That's it for now.


barbra said…
If it weren't for you, bb, I would never see this. Here at barbra's, we only get the mini Boden catalog. And if you think I'm paying that to clothe a three-year-old who likes to play with the hose in the dirt, think again! Heh.
Rae said…
Oh, the only kind of dress that looks good on me is that one with the newspaper.
MsCellania said…
I just soaked all my coffee thermoses (thermi?) in dishwasher detergent last night. Ecover brand from Costco, a half scoop or less in each pot. After 30 minutes - shiny clean. With just the powder, hot tap water and a shake or two.
Where was I yesterday, huh?!
alice c said…
So how weird is this - I was discussing those very SAME dresses with my colleagues at work this afternoon. We decided that the shirt dress was OBVIOUSLY the one to wear when we are filing.
I fully confess to buying Mini Boden stuff for my girls. Not loads of it, just enough to add a bit of edgy cool to their wardrobes. This is especially good for the older girl, but the younger daughter is firmly entrenched in the Hanna Andersson camp.

As for myself, I've bought a couple of things from Boden, but the quality has been hit or miss. Also, I'm not much of a florals kind of person, nor am I tall and thin, so a lot of the stuff just doesn't look great on me.

For purses in fun colors, I'm a big fan of Target, because they're good for a year or two and then they go to my girls for playing dress up.

While we're in London in April -- and you know I just love saying that -- I'm going to pop into a Boden store and check things out in person.
Velma said…
I always get sucked into the colors in the Boden catalog, but the reality is that I am way too short and stout to wear the clothes. The shoes, on the other hand...!
Badger said…
That pink newspaper dress is NOT for the busty. I'm just saying.
Anonymous said…
I used to put my stove-top espresso pot in the dishwasher every day. Bleah. After a few months the aluminum would get so roughed up from the detergent that I couldn't screw it together. So I'd have to buy another one. But I despise hand-washing dishes, so it was worth it.
My favorite purses have all been from Kohl's. They were all less than $20 on sale.
The red one keeps following Sorority Girl back to college. I got to borrow it over winter break.
Wendy said…
I pore over that catalog too and still have not ever bought anything from them.

You know me too well, my first though when I saw that circle skirt was, "I wonder if I could make that?" (I'm partial to the blue with my green in the circles - it'd go with my clogs.)

Target has some cute skirts on clearance right now. I just picked up a beige one with some brown, pink twill tape, and coral applique stripes on the bottom. $9.99.

Since I've already written too much here, I like that newspaper dress. A lot. However, I'm taking Badger's comments under advisement.
Susie Sunshine said…
What's that you say? You want your ass kicked? OKAY!
Sinda said…
What do you think about the v-neck, merino,long and flowing sweater? It's in navy blue in the catalog. I quite like it, since it's wider at the bottom than the typical sweater-dress-tunic thing.
Anonymous said…
Espresso pot - just did the same thing. Crap. And I was so proud of myself for finding one for 29 bucks when all the others were 79.
MizMell said…
So what's wrong with Pekingese dogs? My Blue is a lovely pekingese! He's just a pug with lots of hair...
And the clothes? Puleese! It's all about what makes you feel good, isn't it? Lot's of soft, comfortable, machine-washable cotton!
And if you need new "delicates," splurge a bit and go check out Victoria's Secret.
Anonymous said…
That's a nightdress? Much prettier than anything I own.
Anonymous said…
Oh NO! I ruined my espresso pot in the d/w also. So I donated it to the thrift shop.

I recently donated some nice leather purses as well, so who knows, somebody will find a small black Coach and various others soon. Although, they'll probably be overpriced, knowing how our thrift stores have hiked prices to ridiculous levels.
Sarah said…
About the newspapers, the first thing I thought of was why would anyone make a set that looks like some crazy hoarder's house?.

Sorry about the expresso pot. I've done the same thing with metals and I know how worrisome the finish gets after one measly mistaken trip in the dishwasher.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I followed you over from the Hotfessional's site. This post was fantastic. Can I just say:

"If I'm paying $78 for a sweater (AND I'M NOT) then I don't think you should be able to SEE THROUGH IT." and "LOOK! HALF A SWEATER!
Don't waste my time." Oh Lord. If I couldn't control my bladder, I'd surely need diapers after those two.

(Just realizing that last sentence sounds kind of weird. Meh)

TheOneTrueSue said…
I like the half sweater.
Natalie said…
ok...i feel like a complete outsider. i have never heard of boden. i know...shame on me. but in my defense i do live in turkey so if there is such a place here it would be at least 3 times what it would cost in the states. and if it is just a catalog place...well i am out of luck there as well. it's a good thing. i like the shirt that might make you fall over as well as several other things. living here has just saved me money!
KPB said…
I'll have the blue bag and the outfit directly under it, in total. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Julie said…
Kind of unrelated, but are you into Eileen Fisher clothing?

I mean besides the fact that they are SUPER expensive... what do you think of the new spring stuff?

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