a meme before I get in the car

I'm off for a visit, but before I go I thought I'd leave you with food for thought.
I've been tagged for this meme a few times, done it a couple of times and bowed out once or twice.
It's the ever-popular 6 Quirky Things About Me meme and, this time, Sue tagged me.
But Sue put an interesting twist on it by asking her husband to come up with the six things.
He wasn't as helpful as my husband.
Herewith, 6 Quirky Things About Me as noted by my husband:

1. I don't like seafood.
Now you may not think there is anything strange about that, but K adores seafood and would
eat it every night. Any time I am out of town there is a feast of seafood for the boys. My mother is highly allergic to shellfish and I had always thought I would be too. And while it's true that I do get itchy hands if I touch shellfish I don't seem to be as allergic as she is. It doesn't matter - I don't particularly care for it.

2. I twitch at night while I sleep.
I have NEWS for HIM: everyone twitches when they sleep. Right?

Next he said (and we did this via IM) "Your devotion to candles."
I believe he is referring to the Hand Of God devotional candle I have burning on the stove. At all times. But he may also be speaking of the wealth of scented candles burning throughout our home. I guess he considers that quirky.

4. Impromptu posing.
This is a little tough to explain, but, from time to time I just suddenly pose. Usually just for K. Now clean up your little head - it's usually a ballet-type pose, and it's usually a very dramatic pose. I like to change it up for him. It's a good mood lightener.

- I've just realized that he only gave me five...and the 5th one is the way I organize the refrigerator. He finds it quirky that I have all the labels in the fridge facing out. And I have lots and lots of beverages in the fridge at all times. But that's not so weird. There are five nearly grown people drinking fluids at our house.

So there you are.
I'm off to see my niece be Belle and I'm very excited. Hopefully I can get some pictures.


Miz S said…
I need a picture of one of your poses. Really, I do.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Awwww, thanks for playing BB. And the thought of the poses makes me giggle.
TheOneTrueSue said…
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RW said…
Enjoy your weekend away.
Joke said…
I regard scented candles the way some might regard shellfish.

Amy A. said…
Have fun having girl time!
Mary said…
So glad no annoying, weird vests in K's future.

That pose thing is really hysterical. I might need to pinch it.

Wishing you a lovely niece visit.
KPB said…
The posing was an insight.
I like it.
A lot.

I organise the fridge in exactly the same way.
And particular food stuffs must always reside on certain shelves.

No one twitches in bed the way Chef does. It's downright WEIRD.

I would love a devotion to candles but then they sort of bother me. Who knows.
alice c said…
I thought everybody arranged their fridge with the labels facing outwards. It would be weird not to.

In fact, I might just strike a dramatic pose to show how shocking backwards labels would be.
Unknown said…
That is a very good set of meme's. I'd be interested to know what my husband thinks is quirky about me (but I suspect i already know) ... still, good for conversation.