it is -12

Here is the cold I was wishing for.
And there was some snow yesterday, but it didn't amount to anything, dramatic though it was.

snow angel

He made snow angels in the dirt and 1/4 inch of snow minutes after this...

To combat the cold, on the way to the Monday morning x-ray, I am wearing:
leggings, leg warmers, Uggs
corduroy skirt
woolen vest
arm warmers

I am definitely considering the Remote Start feature on my next car.


Badger said…
Good luck with the x-ray!

I want a haramaki.

Not that I need it, since it's going to be in the 70s here (again) today.

Er, but you probably don't want to know that.
KPB said…
You see, you are someone who I know would just look so elegant in the blinding freezing cold.

While I would be standing there resembling something between a blimp and a failed blamange.

And again I say, I dream of living in such temperatures.
KPB said…
as is it bad that just the mention of a remote start feature in a car makes me want it immediately?
Anonymous said…
Oh, my! Is that celcius, or is your son just extremely stalwart about the cold?!
You're in layers and he's wearing a sweatshirt?
Anonymous said…
Yeah...Celsius or Fahrenheit...because if you're talking the can he stand in it like THAT?
BTW, You sexy thing is oen of my top faves.
Velma said…
It sounds like an excellent day for soup - stay warm!
Anonymous said…
I bet you look like a puffy bird out in the cold!
Remote start--that would be heaven. My car HATED me this morning when I went out to warm it up before driving anywhere.
alice c said…
So - is haramaki an ear muff or a fetching red pinny? I'm not familiar with cold weather gear.
Anonymous said…
Yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt, a thermal underwear shirt, a heavy hoodie sweatshirt, leggings, heavy sweatpants, wool socks, and boots.

In the house.

Outside it was -25 F°. (Actually, that's what I wore outside, too, but only between house and car.)
I have never seen a boy look so cute in a dress - er...Haramaki.

You totally need to come down here and hang out with Badger and I on our porches in the sun. SEVENTY-FIVE baby. You're in the WRONG STATE!
Mary said…
BB - ugg boots in public? I thought we'd spoken about that!

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