new favorite (and I think I should copyright this post title)

A late night IM session with Middle.

M: is the song...

bb:what song?

M:how do you spell meracles? haha


M:miracles yes
is the song called "i believe in miracles" ?
you know the one i mean

bb: um, no
what's it from?

M: ugh gimme a minute

bb: do you want to go on audio chat and sing or hum it?

M: haha
no hang on
its called "you sexy thing"

bb: yeah, I know that song
you sexy thing...I believe in miracles, where are you from, you sexy thing

M: yeah

bb: what about it?

M: i just wanted to know what its called

bb: and now you've figured it out...

M: what about em?

bb: that's not racist or anything, right?

M: nah
some serious bongo action
actually it looks like congas

bb: like it matters
I would get you those pants
even though they are a little bulgy

what? you don't want the pants?

M: haha
they're a little high up

bb: what are you doing with the song?

M:nothing i just wanted to listen to it

feel better

M: saw that coming
i'll try
i'm hackin my brains out
and coughing alot

bb: I'll have dad wipe down the keys

M: ?


Those pants are, um, interesting. It's like the Hamburglar got his groove on.

And, I've never seen anyone handle the microphone and stand quite that way.

But I have always enjoyed that song a great deal.

Oh, and there's a video at my blog that Oldest might enjoy. Also, it might give Youngest a sense of his future bride's personality.
jo said…
love love love hot chocolate!
Emmaline is one of my faves as it falls in that same morbid vein as Chevy Van, Seasons in the Sun, The Night Chicago Died, Wildfire, etc.
Ah....the 70's - how I love them.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I now have that song in my head, and it doesn't want to leave. You sexy thang, you.
Sarah said…
How on Earth did Errol Brown MBE (according to Wikipedia, he got the MBE for his contributions to pop music - Yes, the brits hand those things out like candy - Um, how on Earth did Errol Brown manage to lip sync that song without giggling?

jen - It's like the Hamburglar got his groove on. Hee hee!
Poppy Buxom said…
And people make fun of the way preps were dressing back then. HA!
Badger said…
I totally have THIS song on my mp3 player TOO! Which should not surprise you.
Mary said…
I suggested this to Poppalina a week or so ago as a great fun song for her to sing at a friend's wedding.

It would make a perfect wedding song I think and get people grooving!
Anonymous said…
This song has a great groove thang going. I'm jiving as I type this. You need to make a pair of those pants for Middle. The ultimate gag gift. Like Ralphie's pink bunny suit.
Anonymous said…
Blackbird- had to tell you that I love your blog and the way yoiu stood up for Miz S - You are great!the bee
Paula said…
I love this song.