from my brother B, who is a Product Specialist at REI and sold Jonny Fairplay his clothes

Johnny Fairplay is wearing:

an Ex Officio Baja travel shirt with venting in the back, and which is treated with buzz off, an insect repellent.

Columbia Sports Silver Ridge Convertible Pants (they unzip into shorts).

Salomon Tech Amphibian Water Shoes

In the water shoes, he has Superfeet. Truly the best foot bed insert you can get without getting custom orthotics.

All planned to give him a tactical clothing advantage.

In case you were wondering....


Anonymous said…
Well, he got voted off tonight, guess now he has some clothes to be an outdoor daddy in.
Grandma Cebe said…
Just what I was going to say - Johnny's gone. But what I wonder was he lying about being worried about his unborn child (if there is such a child), or did his scheme backfire on him? We all know this about Johnny - "Liar, liar, pants on fire!". ;^)
KPB said…
Sometimes I deny myself your blog, making the anticipation stretch out across a whole day.

Today I lasted until 2.35pm.

Just letting you know.
Crap. That's two names in two days that I had to Google after reading your blog. Clearly I need to start paying more attention to stuff or watching TV or something.
LK said…
I had to read the comments to figure out who he was because I was too lazy to google. (isn't that the ultimate in lazy?)
Amy A. said…
Finally, someone smart enough to bring appropriate clothing.

I probaby would have sabotaged him a little bit if I had been his sales associate!