Did you know that Martha has a blog?
I find it difficult to believe that she writes, uploads photos and posts all by her little self, but she has a blog anyway.
So, when I heard about it, I went right over to check it out.
I was wondering if she was on blogger or typepad, I was curious about her template design and I was hoping she and I could trade links.
Alas, she doesn't appear to have any links.
Anyway, my favorite post so far is this one.
And, to be perfectly honest, I can't decide if I feel sorry for the poor guy - transplanted from the stunning Himalayas to Bedford or happy for him to have landed the job.
I do know one thing - I think I need a foreman.


SERIOUSLY. How much do you think she pays the Sherpa she imported from Nepal? Did she hand pick him? Was there an application process? Or did she just go into a village and snatch him off his llama? That shit is TOO WEIRD.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is one lavish stage production you went to this weekend.

How does one discover a foreman like that? Or even any old foreman? martha freaks me out just a little bit...
Joke said…
How does one get to inhabit her parallel universe?

What surprises me is how utterly lame the Martha's captions and comments are.

"Here's blah blah blah..."

"And here's blah blah blah..."

And so forth.

But I'll probably get sucked into this new blog nonetheless. Damn you Blackbird!
Julie said…
What does a Sherpa do as a foreman for Martha in Bedford?
Anonymous said…
Of course she has a blog. And paid underlings to write it. And dozens of staff members to clean her house, produce her show, cook the food, design her merchandise, make her crafts and run her companies.

She is simply a smart businesswoman whose product happens to be herself.

I am totally dumbfounded by the Martha/Preppie worship that goes on. Does anyone with a brain cell think SHE actually does all this herself?????

By the way,SAINT MARTHA is the patron saint of domesticity and home. Ironic isn't it? Say a prayer for us all!!!
Unknown said…
I love Martha's blog! Her assistants actually take the pictures and make the posts (which they blogged about a few months ago I think), but I still love it.
MaudeLowell said…
I did not know she has a blog - thanks! I'm looking forward to spending some time on it tonight.
Velma said…
I need a personal assistant. He/she could hire anyone else I needed.
Terese said…
I checked out Martha's blog. There is something flat in her syntax. An absence of the subjective in preference for first person description of place. Blogging and finding your blogging voice is a special talent. I think it needs to include emotive words and expressive phrasing so that the audience of the blogger reader feels like they have received a letter. I'm sticking with Say La Vee and the other blogher links on your site BB.
Anonymous said…
Totally agree with Terese above. It amazes me that Martha (or Team Martha) can yammer on, and on, and on, and never say anything remotely funny.
Anonymous said…
In his book Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer talks about a woman in the Everest-climbing group he was with who had the Sherpas carry her up the mountain. Somehow I imagine that is how Martha would climb Everest, too.

bb, your blog is infinitely better.
Mary said…
What Joke said. But I would only want to inhabit it for a week.

Because I am happier here reading an authentic blog.
Unknown said…
She often talks about her blog on the show. You know, I used to hate her, but this past year she's sort of changed. She's not so stiff, she's not so creepy, and occasionally she's actually funny. I think she's growing as a person and becoming a lot more human. Which is saying something.

I think she does write the blog, but she doesn't do anything else. My guess is, she emails some underling a topic and a few sentences and asks them to fill in and create a blog post. That's why it sounds so stiff and so un-Martha-like.

I don't read it, because too much Martha is NOT a good thing, but I'm interested to see that she's looking for more ways to make money. Good lord, isn't she rich enough yet?
KPB said…
I wonder what colour the sky is in Martha's world?
KPB said…
Do you think she makes this poor man clean the stables cobblestone floor with a toothbrush?

Because I know you've seen that picture of her stable.
In which the floor of which is GLEAMING.

Because I'm pretty sure we can all be rest assured that if her shit doesn't stink, that of her horses must positively smell of roses.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Margalit... Martha is mellowing, or at least is becoming more comfortable in front of a live audience. Perhaps it was the death of her mom, her hip replacement, her yearning for grandchildren... all those things we have been allowed to share with her via her show and site make her more human in my eyes. I don't begrudge her her empire (well, except for not admitting to the insider trading - she knew what she was doing there) as she built it all from scratch - she's a worker. I read somewhere that it's her sister Laura who is her blog voice though.