dealing with:

  • Romeo and Juliet have broken up. Oh the drama.
  • My steamer has not arrived and dozens of readers have lists of things for me to clean. The frustration.
  • K is 'auditing' at a company for the next couple weeks to see if they need him. Oh the suspense.
  • No school. And no exciting vacation plans. The boredom.
  • Gassy stomach issues. The anxiety? The frustration? The peri-menopause?
  • The lemon tree has a full crop of lemons ready to use in recipes. The research.
  • The weather - not winter, not really spring either. Annoying.
  • Spellcheck, still not functioning. Allowing the world to see my spelling errors.


Anonymous said…
We call my oldest & his Juliet - Sid and Nancy. If your's are like mine? Three days of high drama then they'll be back together. (Eye roll)

Peri here too. My magic lotion is Emerita brand Pro-gest. No gas or any other side effects with regular use.
Seriously! Whats with the spell check function. This makes me so annoyed. I think we should write blogger a nasty little letta.

And then make lemonade.
Annagrace said…
Blogger needs grammar check. I have no idea how bad my sentence structure can be till months later when I going through the archives. Shoot, man. one craving this time around.
KPB said…
I will post recipes for:
lemon sauce cake
lemon yoghurt cake
lemon butter
lemon delicious
vanilla biscuits
slow roasted lemon chicken

and you can take your pick...

Sid and Nancy... snort!
Miz S said…
No. You're wrong. The weather is lovely. Come walk with me and we'll pick up trash together.
islaygirl said…
WHAT? PERI-MENOPAUSE GIVES YOU GAS? This is another one of those things no one will tell you until it's too late.
Mary said…
In short

how frustrating !

PS you have brought us much amusement over at Joke's place
How many years until my 6-inch tall lemon tree gives me lemons?

Sorority Girl and her Frat Boy had serious high drama here 2 weeks ago. Day 1 was SOBBING in my arms. Day 2 was laying by the pool trying not to cry. Day 3 was coming up with her "winning him back" speech. Day 4 was All is well again.

It was a seriously LONG 4 days
Ooh, I'm so sorry about Romeo and Juliet. I recommend martinis for all over-21s until the drama subsides.

A lemon tree? In your house? Does it self-pollinate?
Saoirse said…
I laughed out loud at "lists of things for me to clean" especially since I was one asking for a progress report!

Lemon recipes. I love "Simply Recipes - Elise" I did a "lemon" search of her blog. I'd do a "tiny url" but I never trust those things, so here's the whole search results link:

Hopefully, that will lessen the research and give you more time to clean and spell correclty! <--on purpose!

Oh, and the break-up? DRAMA does not BEGIN to describe it....
kt said…
skipping the drama for factual useful info:

my fab MIL juices all the lemons on the tree when rips and makes lemon juice ice cubes for use as she wants them, through the year.

yeah, she's brilliant.
Mrs. G. said…
Romeo and Juliet? Are you frickin' kidding me? Whaaaaa...nooooooo.
Jennifer said…
Oh poor Romeo and Juliet... sucks when those things happen.

Fingers crossed for K

You can come visit me!!

I've been having gassy problems in my stomach too. It has been very strange, and it seems to be getting to me every second month or so. Which only brings more frustration and anxiety.

It's -1F here so definately still winter. So sick of winter.

I'm getting REALLY ticked off with bloggers non functioning spellcheck!
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the drama, but...haven't we ALL been there? Let's support then...
I was going to suggest limoncello (which I hate) but they gave you 1000s of recipes AND the lemon juice ice cubes. Genius.
Thinking of K...
It's raining here...
Gassy stomach. Ouch.
No school/no vacation...Double ouch
Hugs to Romeo
alice c said…
Ticket for Gap Year in post
with good luck card for K
and tissues for Oldest.

Can't help with gassy stomach - sorry. Lemon juice and hot water?
Caterina said…
Oh boo, I was really rooting for Romeo and Juliet. I hope they get back together.

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