baking with Youngest

The lemon harvest is in. 18 Meyer lemons await my, um, command.
Dear Kim knew I needed to do some research and was kind enough to post the recipe for lemon squares and further down the page is the piece of resistance - lemon meringue pie.
Lemon meringue pie is not something I'd attempt to do as a project with Youngest - between the crust (I'm not always so good with crusts) and the meringue (don't tell me it's easy, I've done it and if the KITCHEN is too HUMID...) it's a project I'd work best on alone.

But the lemon squares seemed pretty easy - so we got to it.
Let's see - first we needed to convert some measurements. Grams don't really convert cleanly to pounds, but it's only butter. And Tuvaluan ovens don't go to 374 degrees - but that's not a problem as my oven is so screwy any way.

Next it was time to 'line the pan' with parchment. The 20 x 20 cm pan. Okay, the 8 x 8 pan.
I guess I'm one of those people who doesn't think well in 3D?


Some people are all zen with the parchment, folding and measuring and cutting.
I am forever wrestling with the parchment, cutting weird angles and gluing pieces in with butter. FINE. Pan lined.

Youngest began zesting lemons...and squeezing for juice.

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The kitchen fell into disarray as I tore the cabinet apart looking for the, not the hook,

the hook

though I used the dough hook for a while, the PADDLE.

the paddle



I'm not yelling, you understand. We knead dough, we mix dough - anyway, I used the mixer. With the paddle attachment and it worked out fine.
We consulted on whether the dough should be looking so dry and crumbly. We added a little more butter and let it be.


We mixed up the lemon goop and poured it on the iffy dough.

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And, you know what?
They taste pretty damn good.

Hmm. No photo of the finished product...


Apparently Simon and Minty have a copy of Ye Olde Canterbury Cookbook.

Mmmmm....lemon squares.
jo said…
On your advice I have started watching those and they are PRICELESS. I'm going to show him an episode tonight.
Allison said…
Hey, no finished product pic? Was it (insert baked goods name item here) for the blind? (That's what my mom always used to say when her pies didn't come out quite right, LOL
Susie Sunshine said…
I'd pay premium for the Cooking with Blackbird & Family Channel.
Anonymous said…
i love anything lemon.

I have eaten lemons like oranges.

I recall an amazing 'extra lemony mini bundt cake' from gourmet garage downtown....

lemon. good.

Mrs. G. said…
MMMMMMMMM...I'm with B.-lemon, good.
One day, Youngest will grow up and be a man living on his own. And some wonderful young woman is going to fall in love with him for many reasons, but his cooking prowess is going to seal the deal.

And if he somehow manages to remain single until at least 2022, I'll know the perfect 22 year old female for him.
Unknown said…
As the former owner of a full size meyer lemon tree (in CA), I have made my share of lemon squares. But you know what the all time BEST use of lemons is? Limoncello. Yes, I have a recipe. Oh my goodness, it is fine going down!

Oh, and the trick to parchment paper? Pull out a piece that is larger than your pan. You can tell my measuring it against the bottom of the pan. Then, put the piece in the pan with one side even with the side of the pan. Scribe the sides of the pan on the paper, and then cut it. Perfect size every time!
KPB said…
You cooked the base first right?

the rubbing in of the butter? I guess it's more like a scone thing.
But wait.
A scone in the US is different to a scone in Aus.
Drats, this is more complicated than I thought...
OK! You rub it in like you would rub butter into flour for a crumble topping.
Mine has always been really 'wet' and I almost emailed you to say don't panic if the base is really wet and hard to press out to the edges because it keeps sticking to your hands.
So, weird yours was dry.
Maybe it's the conversion thing.

I come over all ANXIETY when people actually make my recipes - that they won't work, that people will think I'm a putz and so on and so forth.

Can you tell?

And the sweetness level? If they're too tart for your palate, douse with more icing sugar once you've cut the squares.

Sugar makes everything right.

I think I'm also going to link to a conversion website on Hey Mum! I'm Hungry.
Stephanie said…
I've never had a Meyer lemon. These bars sound so good and Patrick loves lemon bars. I should make them.