with two tiny girls and the smartest little boy

I'm here.
I've done a morning of flying (sitting next to bridesmaids, thank heavens for iPods), a day of thrifting (treasures found), met up with friends, had a pizza party, have read stories, have talked and talked and talked.

I don't know what the plan for the day is yet...but tonight I end up at a party, in the city, and then Poppy's house.



It sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I hope you're warm.
Sounds like so much fun. Your friend is amazingly crafty and has cute kids to snuggle with.
The only thing worse than a plane with bridesmaids is the time I got stranded on a runway in Chicago for 2 hours with 20 singing MaryKay saleswomen.
alice c said…
Oh! Have fun for me too. Actually- hearing about it from you afterwards is almost as good as being there.
Suzanne said…
Getting to read about your weekend in Chicago is the next best thing to being there, too.

Looking forward to the Poppy stories.

Have a great weekend BB.
Amy A. said…
Can't wait to read about the party and all of your adventures.
Caset said…
it's not bad at all in chicago this weekend, is it? though supposedly we're in for some snow flurries tomorrow. where do you thrift shop here? i'm still not settled enough to know where the good stores are.... can't wait to hear more about your weekend!
RW said…
Have fun!
I'd love to hear about your thrifting...
I'm a flea market girl myself...but in a pinch, will thrift, yes I'll thrift all right.
Stephanie said…
Hooray for perfect fun. ttyl.
paola said…
Girl time!!!!
Have fun.
catsteevens said…
Looks like good times. Enjoy!
Birchsprite said…
hope you had a lovely weekend!

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