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Got about 9 minutes?

Middle did very well in his audition - we'll find out if he made it in a week or two.


islaygirl said…
that was actually almost 18 minutes, but i figured you were being sneaky, getting me hooked and then i had to see the rest. i love jj abrams.
RW said…
That was fantastic. It makes me want to check out LOST.
Will come back to this but glad to hear about Middle.
Badger said…
Okay, well apparently I don't have 9 minutes because it took me about 2 hours to watch that whole thing. Such is my life.

Also, I hate to poop on his parade, but I think ol' JJ is WAY more enamoured of the mystery box than most of his audience is, if the Lost Bitterness Thread on Television Without Pity is any indication.

But he is an enthusiastic young man, I'll give him that.

And YAY for Middle! Was he able to get into an advance screening of Cloverfield, or does he have to wait until tomorrow like the rest of us?
Anonymous said…
now my writing has to live up to the styling of my mac.....oh well....

great piece though.

Robin said…
Hopefully the suspense won't kill us over here. Our fingers are duly crossed.

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