two more weeks


Youngest's finger is slowly healing. S-L-O-W-L-Y healing.
He's allowed to take the splint off twice a day and practice bending his finger, which, thank god, because that splint thing can certainly build up an, um, aroma. The Fancy Sports Doctor, who warmed up slightly personality-wise, showed me how this teeny finger has atrophied. Now you'll know that word over at FreeRice.

It's been a heckofa week or so, here in Tuvalu.
We've had three dinner parties. Yes! Three sets of people in to eat.
I've been to four different doctor's appointments, K has been editing in town, and we've had BOTH EXTENSIONS IN THE DINING ROOM TABLE ALL THIS TIME.
So. Yeah. Busy.

This week may be quieter, but my brother B is coming to visit on Friday. You remember B, don't you? The Wilderness First Responder/Photographer/Kayak Instructor/National Outdoor Leadership, uh, Leader.
Well, he's flying in to visit friends and I'm hoping to have him on my couch at some point.
We asked B if there is anything in our cooking repertoire that he'd like to request during his stay and he couldn't think of anything in particular. Then, the next day, he said he'd like a Meat Ship. (Which looks much better cooked than raw.)

I'll be taking my own little trip this weekend. It's time for my annual visit to my niece for shopping and girl time. This year there is the added bonus of seeing her sister STAR in Beauty And The Beast. Yes, I said STAR. She has a beautiful singing voice and I can't wait to see her all Belle'd up.

Also in the cards: a lunch with the adorable Dan Renzi.


Anonymous said…
First, let me say I like Nigella a lot...I mean as a woman and how she presents her show.
Then, ouch....that splint...
Last, I would love to meet Dan Renzi, he sounds and looks fascinating.
Poppy B. said…
I am now seasick. From the meatship.
Mary said…
catching up on all your news. You have been busy.

I am glad about the boy's finger.

I am very glad about the catchup with the niece. Which sounds like it will be perfect.
Amy A. said…
Ick on the meat ship. I hope it looks more appetizing cooked than it did raw.

tut-tut said…
I'm afraid that, after the above comments, I couldn't wing away to the meatship . . . but sounds like a very busy time indeed.
Anonymous said…
blech - who came up with the idea of the meat ship?

ah, lucky you with your lunchdate. actually...i stumbled upon your blog via dan's now that i remember.

glad to hear that youngest will have the cast off soon - must have been quite a break with that contraption of a cast he has!!
Badger said…
Atrophied = SMELLS BAD. Got it.
Susie Sunshine said…
Dang, look at all the lucky people that getting to hang with you this week!
Dan is cute. Meat Ship not so much. It looks like a heart attack on a platter.
Eliane said…
Thanks for the Dan Renzi weblog, I like it. And btw, I keep seeing the anime window in my head for days now, it got stuck there. Very beautiful.
I was going to ask what time dinner was on Friday, then I actually looked at the photo of the meatship and changed my mind. In fact, I might have to become a vegetarian.

Take good care of my future son-in-law and his atrophied finger.
MizMell said…
Time flies when you're having fun.

If you end up making that Meat Ship, please post a "cooked" photo. I'm curious...

Sorry about the whole finger thing. Not much you can do but wait--Time heals all wounds! But I think I'd have a battle plan for when the cast is removed and the smell is unleashed!
KPB said…
aroma. You're so generous when it comes to your boys and not just announcing to the world that they can stick like heck.

I remember growing up and a busy time of year was always determined by how many panels were in the dining room table and for how long.

And don't tease - I want to know what you fed all these guests.

I do hope your brother will inspire another detailed exploration into drinking vessels and the like. I want him to have his own blog as there could never be enough Blackbird goodness on the Internet.

That meat ship looks rather unfortunate. And I know you know which piece of the meat ship I am referring to...

it appears to me Dan Renzi is channelling WHAM and 'Wake me up before you go go'. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
KPB said…
And for some reason I can't stop singing "on the meat ship lollipop"...
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear the finger is on the mend. Your schedule of events with such accomplished people makes me feel tired. Wow.
Oh, and good luck with the Meat Ship. Somehow I don't think of people like your brother eating stuff like that, you know? I think Kashi commercial...
MsCellania said…
Ah, rashers of bacon - AHOY!
I hope the finger mends perfectly.
Is this niece of the infamous-wedding niece? I loved those pictures!
Dani said…
Click "next" in the upper right hand corner of the page with the meat ship pic. You'll sail along viewing pics of the meat ship in all of its cooked glory.

I'm still kinda' gagging, though.
Caterina said…
STAR --- as in Broadway? Broadway or not, WOW.

And I think I have commented before on how VERY cool your brother must be :)

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