Stranger Than Fiction.

(spoiler alert)

I've just seen most of this movie. Loved it. Need to see it again. All of it.


RW said…
oh man.
i love emma thompson.

i absolutely love her.
margalit said…
Who was the actor in the bandages? I kept thinking it was Will Farrel, but that obviously couldn't be right.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Margalit, it is Will. But Emma steals the show for me, always.
Suzanne said…
Do see all of it. It's a really, really good film, and I'm certain you'll love it as much as I do.

I had seen it on DVD via Netflix and then was lucky enough to Tifaux it on my DVR so I can now watch it whenever the mood strikes, to my never-ending heart's delight.
Kim said…
DUDE - where have you been??? I'm sure I blogged about how awesome this movie was last year. SURE OF IT.

I loved it so I PAID to watch it on Foxtel and then went out and BOUGHT it on DVD.
The only other movie DVD I own that isn't made by Disney or Pixar is Napoleon Dynamite.
Anyway, I'm almost yelling this comment in my head because THIS MOVIE ROCKS harder than Bon Jovi in 1990.

Just go buy it. It is truly TRULY way way awesomely good.

OK. Breathing now.

As you were.
Kim said…
And yes, it is Will Ferrell and he is SO very VERY GOOD in this.

On another note - the bakery in this? This is what truly made me go - that is what I want to do/have/be.

I also want to be that skinny and able to wear Bonds singlet tops and get away with it, but the shop, its quirkiness and goodness in the form of biscuits, cakes and treats - I.WANT.
Stephanie said…
I know. This movie was so so so good.

Don't you love that? I love a really good movie.
Holly said…
One of my top 5 fav movies of all time. Thanks for helping me begin my day with that lovely imagery.
I'm totally movie illiterate. Completely out of the loop. What is the name of the movie? The Winter Retail Forest is slow these days and I have lots of days off to watch movies. In between reading The Pillars of the Earth.
Amy A. said…
I love it when he leans over and you think he's going to tell her the secret but then he lovingly gives her tax advice instead. Melts my heart.

This one is a keeper!
Keetha said…
I loved that movie, too. My favorite Will Ferrell role.
Rae said…
One of my favorite movies of all time. I'm kind of a Will Ferrell freak, Dustin Hoffman freak and Emma Thompson freak, so it was like a match made in heaven for me.
Anne said…
Yess.. great movie ..lots of great actors
Birchsprite said…
is it good?
Melissa said…
As ever, Blackbird, your taste is impeccable. One. Of. The. Best. Movies. Evah. Sheer comic genius. And you graciously remind me to put it on my birthday wish list. Thank you.
Kathy and I tagged you with a "Roar" award over on our blog -- -- will you share your writing tips if we beg? I'd love to hear your thoughts on writing.
Major Bedhead said…
I loved this movie, too. It made me cry, in a good way. When he brings her flours...*sniffle* I loved this movie.

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