Today, Middle auditions for the senior band at school.
A couple of days ago he requested an emergency session with his saxophone teacher.
We were fortunate that The Russian was available and they put in a solid hour honing the piece.

I'm so proud of him, as he works for this because I realize that he is, for the first time, struggling for something he wants and something he probably deserves.

This isn't like the solos my kids prepare each spring for the judges, this effects his placement for a year of school.

He put a lot of effort into his film too, his final project for a literature class, and I got my first glimpses of his ambition.

K and I listened and worried a little last night as he hashed it out. It is a tough piece of music with complicated timing and while I think he'll pass the audition, I just don't know.
I'm so proud of him for asking for the help and so pleased that I was able to provide it.

It's a big year for Middle. I'm seeing little hints of the man he's becoming, and I like him.

I miss Poppy.


Jennifer said…
Good for him... and Good luck to him :)
Badger said…
Best of luck to Middle! I like him, too.
BreadBox said…
I'm keeping fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed on Middle's behalf.

Good luck, Middle!
robiewankenobie said…
i so appreciate these missives of yours. all people seem to talk about is how utterly horrible their teenagers are. i love these little guys of mine, such neat's nice to hear that there is a possibility that they are going to grow up to be people that i like.

go for it, middle!!!!!
Miz S said…
I've got a good feeling about this.
paula said…
What Mary said.
Amy A. said…
Bittersweet, isn't it?

With a cheering squad like he has, Middle shouldn't have much trouble in life. That's nice.
daysgoby said…
I love hearing about your children.

Congratulations, Middle, on picking a non-fluff piece, and good luck!
Fannie Mae said…
You've given your children the things they need most; encouragement, support and independence. Best wishes to Middle today.
islaygirl said…
As always, I'm impressed by your young men. The courage to work hard and ask for help when you need it -- two qualities that will serve him in good stead (especially when he gets lost on a car trip and his wife doesn't have to beg him to pull over and ask for directions). But seriously. Good for Middle. And can't wait to hear the audition results.
Anne said…
This is a wonderful time in his life. Its great to see all yours and your husbands love and time put into to raising you son bear fruit.
Melissa said…
How lovely to see your children work so hard and learn the value of their efforts. Lucky them to have you as their Mother.
You've clearly done a terrific job with all of your boys: You encourage their dreams. You listen to them carefully. You give them the freedom to explore. Good work!
Anonymous said…
I love this post. Teenagers are excellent people, most of them, who get a bad rap because of the few rotten apples. Re: the music. The judges may very well give him credit for tackling such a difficult piece. Which they totally should.
MsCellania said…
(Is "Break a Leg" appropriate? If so, tell him that, too)
And tell him that last part you wrote about liking the man he's becoming. It's The Best!
Robin said…
Good for Middle. I'm thinking positively. He's a winner whatever the outcome.
I just love the way he is pursuing things in a hardworking, committed way.

Good luck Middle.

And I hope Poppy plans a visit to you soon bb.
Jen said…
For Middle's a jolly good fellow...

alice c said…
Middle has wonderful role models in his life so it is not surprising to me that he should be such a delightful young man. Now that he is becoming independent in such a positive way you are seeing the result of all your devoted work as parents.

Congratulations to you both and good luck to Middle for this and all the other exciting projects he has lined up for 2008.

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