I rush into the kitchen and inhale the leftover salad from the night before.

He calmly surveys the leftovers and puts together some incredible grilled sandwich thing and would, without asking, make me one as well.

I nag him relentlessly about doing this thing with his feet when we watch television in our bed. He sort of lifts the blankets to shift foot position and it makes me mental.

He rarely mentions that I rub my left foot on the mattress to fall asleep at night. For 25 years.

I walk around the house moaning about the lack of chocolate.

He returns from a supermarket run with not just chocolate but chocolate covered pretzels.

And that is why he's perfect.


Suzanne said…
Which once again goes to show that all the good ones are taken. *sigh*

At least I can live vicariously through your happy, loving relationship in a very admiring-yet envious-from-a-respectful-distance-and-not-creepy-stalker-ish kind of way.

Lucky, lucky blackbird!
Anonymous said…
LOL! I'm reminded of Goofus and Gallant.

Wendy said…
I love surprise treats from the grocery.
supertiff said…
i'm so glad that batman guy doesn't have a blog...the list of annoying things i do with my feel would fill plenty of entries. my favorite? if he's been in bed for a while, and then i get in, i shove my freezing feet onto the nearest body part.

he says: ohmygod, your feet are freezing.

and i say: i know. that's why i'm putting them on your warm belly.

he hasn't kicked me out of bed, yet. but, like i said above: it's a good thing he doesn't have a blog.
tut-tut said…
How nice to read all the nice, little, quirky things about a marriage and what makes it work . . .
Sue said…
There is nothing better than being happy about being with the one you are with.
That is very lovely. And loving.

But guess who else rubs her left foot on the sheet to get to sleep?
Surcie said…
This is so sweet. And now I feel bad for criticizing my husband over something stupid. . .
Kim said…
ok, the foot rubbing thing is just plain weird, and if I were K would have required medication long ago to cope with.

That sentence has so many examples of bad grammar even I am impressed.

And meanwhile, why you celebrate the perfect moments I am busy being surly, slamming doors and muttering things about how this holiday has hardly been a showcase of consideration and thoughtfulness so why should it start now.
Bethany said…
I loved this post. I have no earthly idea how to say this and still sound like a sane person, but I'll try anyway: Thank you for being happy in your marriage. The world has far too many broken relationships, but the ones like yours--the ones full of commitment and understanding and joy--spread an infectious kind of hope. Here's to 25 more years of rubbing feet and chocolate-covered pretzels!
Very nicely said.
Jennifer said…
So sweet!
alice c said…
So...my husband goes to the supermarket and comes back with an surprise outsize bottle of tomato ketchup. It is so big that it will not fit in the cupboard. This is not just NOT CHOCOLATE - it is a sign that he should not be allowed out alone.
BreadBox said…
How delightful:-) And how nice, apropos of 25 things, that you don't complain about him here;-)
Seriously, a lovely little post.


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