apparently she's psychic

Where are those mini saucisson? Oldest asked whilst rummaging through the fridge.
Long gone, I'm afraid, I told him.
He wandered away muttering about moving to Paris.

If only there was such a thing as strawberry marshmallows, sighed Youngest. He had just eaten some strawberries and a marshmallow or two.

GodIhate those slippers, I thought yesterday, looking at K's feet...I turned my attention to my laptop where I was browsing felt handbags I can't buy. Mark my words, I said to Wendy last weekend, FELT! IT'S THE FABRIC OF THE FUTURE.

I had long forgotten that we were watching for a package from the adorable Irene. I sent ours so long ago that I don't even know what was in it. Some things for her boys, some things for her self, I'm hoping. No clue.

I was surprised when the postman showed up with a parcel today. And I was even more surprised when I opened it...

little sausage

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Five Tuvaluans were doing the dance of joy last night. I don't know how she did it, but I'm thinking Irene could open a business shopping for people in Paris.
She's got impeccable taste.
Plus, she's a wonderful friend. So, really, the shopping bit is a bonus...


Kim said…
suddenly my little love package of two varieties of TimTams and the latest editions of some of our food magazines is seeming rather paltry. I feel I may just let them sit a little longer so their 'poor cousin' status is dampened.

That bag is to die for.
islaygirl said…
omg, i love it.
Wendy said…
Oh, that handbag!!
I want that bag! Is there a label on it that I could use to waste loads of time tracking down a sister bag, only to discover that I can't afford it?
Angie said…
Just for the record there are stawberry marshmellows made by jet puff.
Amy A. said…
How's that for a bit of international mind reading?
Sarah O. said…
Wonderful friends who live in Paris, have good taste and are psychic to boot just can't be beat.
That might just be the best parcel ever!

I love felt too - it is what I make my little toys from when I feel like making a little toy!

And I particularly like grey felt. Perhaps with orange lining! in a liberty fabric.
Susie Sunshine said…
I want to run my hands (and tongue) all over that bag.
MizMell said…
Apparently Irene is psychic. Lucky for you...

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