what K deserves for Christmas

For being our caring and loving husband. For being a devoted and extraordinary father, this is what I'd love to get K for Christmas...

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It's a Hinckley SW 42.
He's a wonderful sailor.
He'd enjoy it immensely.

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There's room for all of us, which is good as I'd have to sell the house to buy it.

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It's probably the only way I could live at sea.

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Right about now I can see us sailing away.


The woodwork is just gorgeous. Teak?
countrymouse said…
It's Christmas--just get out a credit card (or several) and buy it ; )
Sue said…
You know, we had a boat, and we really loved it, but the thought of sailing on the OCEAN terrifies me. I've watched the Perfect Storm too many times, I think.
Geggie said…
Can I come and cook for you? I don't really like to clean though, would that be a problem?
alice c said…
It would have to have global internet access because there are people who could not SURVIVE without you. There's me...and that's just for starters.
Amy A. said…
I'm queasy just looking at it. A good sailor, I ain't. Although, my language has been a little salty lately.
catsteevens said…
My husband too! This is sooo what he wants. I wouldn't mind it as long as I could bring a maid, a nanny, a cook, and a personal assistant. Plus a whole crew ;) And if you can afford the sailboat then you can afford all the rest too, right?
paula said…
It's beautiful.
Miz S said…
K is not one of those people who turns into Captain Bligh when he sails, is he? Because then I would not be able to join you.
Oh that looks marvelous but I could never leave port -- I am seriously Perfect Storm phobic!
Ginnie said…
I agree with Alice - you'd have to find someway to keep blogging. And my husband had a beautiful old wooden hulled Grand Banks for 4 or 5 years - it was his pride and joy.
(Hey - my word verification is aigberp - is that the sound you make after sailing on rough seas?)
Joke said…
Think of how you'd hack your property taxes to zero...

It is truly beautiful.

If money was no object I would buy a patch of dirt on our favourite Greek island for J and build him a simple home.

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