new favorite

It's going around the internet -


Eliane said…
They can come caroling on my doorstep anytime. Though I think I would prefer Shane MacGowan.
Sarah O. said…
*sniff* *sob* Guess you don't read my blog very often. *sniff* Check out my Dec. 9 entry *sniff*.
Sue said…
I LOVE it!!!
This is great!

The Virginia Gentlemen -- an a cappella group at the University of Virginia -- has been doing a variation on this for years. They present it more as a huge snafu: mixed up sheets of music leading to mayhem. I saw them perform it twice this month and each time it's a little different. I think there's the basic performance and then they ad lib it a little each time.
Anonymous said…
I love that. Sent it to everyone in my address book that could possibly appreciate it.
I appreciate its cleverness.

But hilariously have just realised just how much that 12 days of christmas annoys me. Don't know why. Just does!!
Nora said…
I stole it for my blog. It's about as much Christmas as I can manage this year. Thank you!
Anne said…
BB, the acapella men's choir ..fantastic. Had a lot of catching up with your blog. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR ..hope it is a very healthy and fruitful year for you and your family. Anne

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