it's curtains for me

You know, an easy way to spruce up your bathroom, or mine for that matter, is with a new shower curtain. Shower curtains are large, can be inexpensive, and set the mood of the room you are, um, sitting in. (Don't I sound so instructional today?)

Presently, we have an Anthropologie white pin-tucked shower curtain. It makes the room feel larger and is neutral enough to decorate around. But it's a little tired looking and, as we just replaced the faucet in the downstairs loo, I was thinking of redecorating a little bit, with a new one.
Let's take a stroll down the shower curtain aisle.

There are hundreds and thousands of florals and stripes and solid colors available in the world of shower curtains, but I was thinking of something more interesting. And therein the problem lies.

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This is beautiful and very very expensive. I'd love to buy it but I'm just picturing my boys tearing it aside to hop into the tub and I'm afraid it might not last long. Not only that, but I seem to remember reading that the average tub requires two of these. Not happening.


Crazy, huh?
I'm not sure what kind of decorating scheme goes with this, but, at the very least, I'm not purchasing red towels.

I cannot even imagine the reaction in my home to this one -

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but we could put up some rifles and use them as towel racks.


This is not a painting. It's a shower curtain. I'm not fond of deer. Antler towel hooks? Maybe at my ski lodge.


Outhouses are a witty touch. I'm not so witty in the bathroom.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty! The boys would LOVE it.


Sushi? In the bathroom? SKEEVES ME OUT.

intuitive learning

This could be the way to go. We can all improve our vocabulary skills, and this is good reading from the toilet end of the room. From inside the shower, Middle can work on his DaVinci backwards reading technique.

As it stands, I think I'll run the curtain we have through the wash - with a little bleach.


Anonymous said…
I really like the word one. Ours is plain white like in a hotel. I should take notes on your blog today.
I like the word one a lot. Much better than the Hello Kitty one, which even my girls would mock.
Anonymous said…
We had a beautiful white, pique cotton shower curtain. After a few days, a yellow line started appearing across it. Thought it was cleaning products, so rinsed it. Came back. Looks like someone is peeing across the curtain. Seems to be that our water is heavy with metals. The only heavy metal thing in the house beside The Teen. Mr. Pom bought an ugly brown striped one to replace it. Shan't last long as it offends the eyes....
Anonymous said…
I'm in the market for a new shower curtain too ... must check out Anthropologie!
Badger said…
HA! "Or mine, for that matter,...." That is why I heart you.

We only have one shower/tub that can take a curtain (the others have glass doors) and I went to great pains to select one. It's beige with cream stripes. Or cream with beige stripes, depending on how you look at it. I think I was going for "beach house" at the time, but now I'm sick of looking at it, and NOTHING else in that bathroom has ever said "beach house".

Maybe I'll go the fire route. I would totally buy red towels.
Unknown said…
I just went looking at shower curtains the other day. The pickings are rather bare, I think. I love the one we have, but it's getting rather moldy on the bottom because a certain Boy seems to think it's a great idea to leave the shower curtain all bunched up when he gets out of the shower, no matter how many times over the past 10 or so years I've told him not to.

Bleach. Great idea!
Fannie said…
I love my shower curtain. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to pull it aside the last time I colored my hair. Not quite as attractive with the new "decorative spots".
Caterina said…
Ha! I love your towel hook ideas, hahahaha. I can't imagine pulling my towel off a rifle ;)

I prefer curtains over shower doors. I love the one in our master bath. I got it at Restoration Hardware on super sale! It's a creamy beige and really thick material.
Chris said…
Funny, I have been looking for shower curtains too. But I have been looking at cute frogs for the kids bathrooms. My boys would love the flames though, the girls not so much.
Nora :) said…
I really like the wordy one.
Anonymous said…
This made me think of that Enron guy that spent $5,000. on a shower curtain. As much as the news reporters made of it, they never did show us what it looked like. I'm still wondering what a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR shower curtain looks like.
I couldn't find one that I liked enough to hang and I have a big problem to work around in my w/c. No light in the shower and a very narrow doorway to cover. I ended up buying a $4.00 clear one and painting a few strategically placed vertical stripes, wide and thin. I chose a spray paint that matches my towels and room highlights and it looks great. I don't know that I'll ever buy a "real" one again. Its so simple to do with masking tape and newspaper, plus a can of Krylon Fussion paint for plastic. You can match up any color scheme you want and you can also find these clear ones anywhere.
You do have to keep your shower relatively junk free though or visitors will make fun of your rubber ducky.
jenny said…
I tried to pick up a new shower curtain and the only one I liked was the exact same one I already owned...

I second the bleach idea.
I'm taking back the one I bought for Sorority Girl when she changes her decor. It is white with black line drawings of famous world landmarks. I want to do a red,white and black bathroom with framed black and white photos of the places on the shower curtain.
alice c said…
I have never in my life even thought about shower curtains before. I realise now what a wasted life it has been.