We've feasted.

We've had presents late at night and in the earliest hours of the morning.
We've received edible coal,


and tee shirts,

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We've celebrated with tiny royals

tiny princess

and kings,


and congregations.


We've eaten well and we've eaten leftovers,

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we've swiped collectibles off the streets,


filmed the activity,


sung our hymns,

it came upon a midnight clear

heard the stories of Christmas,

story time

and lit our lights.


We wish you every wonderful thing.
We wish you peace.


Sarah O. said…
Peace and all wonderful things to the Blackbird family. Have a merry and happy!
kmkat said…
What a wonderful Christmas. Peace to you all.
Amy A. said…
Looks like a wonderful celebration! Peace back atcha!
alice c said…
What an amazing church! It looks as though you had the best day.
catsteevens said…
I love the children sitting around listening to the story telling. PEACE to you!

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