Christmas, part 6

1. Hanging of the greens. The church service during which we sing carols, watch a play, and make very long garlands which are carried into the sanctuary during the caroling and hung on the back wall.

2. Christmas with K's family. Moved this year from 12/24 to 12/23 to allow my children to participate in church services on Christmas eve, we feasted on salmon and beef fillet and delighted in cousins and aunts and uncles of all ages and sizes.

3. Christmas eve at church. Candle lighting and softly singing and meeting W's new sweetheart. Home to luminaria lining our street and early bed-time.

4. Christmas actually. Cozy and quiet, in the dark, with just my boys.

5. Christmas with my family. My brother and his family and my mom come for breakfast. We eat until the point of pain, laugh till our faces hurt and sit around.

And, yesterday, Christmas part 6.
Visiting my Aunt and Uncle for his famous chicken stew and her famous tacky Christmas Card Contest...


A cookbook was has been well appreciated all around.

chicken stew two

Stew was eaten. Picturesque isn't it. Several offers of the recipe were made for project cookbook 08. We are still negotiating.

not tacky

Not tacky.


The judging in progress.

I did well, but not well enough.

Yes, you might think that this lovely card with the adorable face of a baby we've never met looking toward heaven is or isn't tacky per se.

runner up

But, when you see the inside of the card it all becomes clear.

runner up interior

Alas. The card from K's banker is only the runner up. Tacky though it may be, it cannot hold a candle to this:

winner 2

Because nothing says 'Christmas' like a couple with pistols.

winner interior

The punch.

winner back

The kicker.

What can I say? Obviously my Aunt and Uncle have some interesting friends.

We laughed and ate the afternoon away - even if that fabulous looking soppersatta never made it to the table...


And now, with Christmas, we are done.


I just love the tacky Christmas card contest. Very very fun.

The last photo is just lovely.
Rae said…
From the banker! Really, jeez. The mistletoe photo is as cute as can be.
Anonymous said…
So lovely, the two of you are like teenagers. The love between you is tangible.
A lesson for all of us who don't spark.
Poppy B. said…
Hey look! The monkey's climbing the coconut tree. AGAIN.
Anonymous said…
Ms. Buxom's comment made me inhale coffee through my nose, thankyouverymuch.

Unknown said…
I agree with Paola. It's lovely to see the two of you so obviously smitten with each other.

Your holiday celebrations sound delightful, and it's nice to participate secondhand with such a warm, loving family. The extended Bird family sound like the Fezziwigs.
Nora :) said…
*sigh* I wish I were in love.

Looks like y'all had a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas.
Paula said…
I think we should all come spend Christmas with YOU next year.
RW said…
We are done too. Our tree was looking very dry so today we undecorated it; put our Christmas decorations away... missed a few Santa hats and wooden cranberry beads... but most of it is done. Vacuumed the needles and we are ready to look forward.
alice c said…
No. More. Christmas.
Alice said…
Last photo, just lovely.
Pretty Things said…
The mistletoe picture just says it all. Very happy.