why I don't get worked up about the blog awards

Some days I am fortunate enough to receive my own awards...

I think that you underestimate what you do. Firstly, you are consistently entertaining - and after extensive research I can tell you that there are very, very few blogs which achieve that. Secondly, you are able to capture the conversational voice - that is very difficult but you make it look so easy. Thirdly, you are inventive with the blog format - you are an 'early adopter' as they say. Fourthly....no I am going to have to stop because I could go on and on and I need to go to work. Have a good weekend with your boys.

Some days I walk around grinning.


Someone got it exactly right. Happy Weekend.
What a nice thing to say to you. How lucky you are. :-)
Sarah Louise said…
what little miss sunshine said.

You are an inspiration to me every single day.

Please do walk around grinning today. Because YOU ROCK!


kmkat said…
What that person wrote. Yes. Agreed. And that's why your blog is in my "Must Read" folder in Bloglines.
I second that. Your blog is in my "Adopted Virtual Neighbors folder" in my google reader -- and not many people make it into that folder! Whenever I see you've posted something new, I pounce on it and read it right away.
Amy A. said…
It's true, bb. You totally rock. You are also the most consistent blogger I read, which makes you my first click every day.

Haven't you wondered why so many bloggers want to meet you? You have a wonderful gift of making people feel welcome and friendly over here. If there is a bloggie hospitality award, you should win it. :)

And you are damn funny.
tut-tut said…
I concur! Have a great weekend.
Annagrace said…
it's all true-even the comments!
Susan in Portsmouth said…
Not only are you entertaining and articulate - but if not for you I would never have found my "Wellfleet boys" and their fabulous mother. My 'virtual family' is expanding in a lovely way - Your daily musing has brought great richness into my life and I will be forever grateful!
Sue said…
Yes. There are a lot of days that I skip most of the blogs on my blogroll, but never, never yours. I don't always comment, but I always read and appreciate. I remember when I found it and thought - what a breath of fresh air. (Total cliche, but totally true.) Your blog makes me smile.
Suzanne said…

(WV: yoglo, which I think means You glow, bb!!)
alice c said…
Whoever wrote that must have been feeling VERY appreciative at the time. Perhaps you had said something VERY kind to them.
What everyone else said.

So well.

Including the person who wrote to you.
MizMell said…
yup.. definitely entertaining (and slightly eccentric).
Anne said…
I like the "early adopter" comment. And you are very nice. Lots of encouragement for those of us starting out.

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