some people take longer to process photos

Susie Sunshine just sent me some of her photos from Blogher.
She's been busy (four boys!) and recovering, so I can't make fun of her.
I thought I would share a few of them.

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Here I am posing with Susan Wagner. Susan is just a goddess, and I don't use that word lightly.
Susan and I made purposeful eye contact all weekend. And sometimes we hugged. Lots of people wanted Susan's picture - lots of people wanted lots of pictures, but I managed to duck out of all of them. Special note to Susan's readers: that tummy bulge she mentions occasionally? Seriously NOT THERE. I can personally attest to the fact that Susan has about 4% body fat. Wait. Is that a bad number? I don't even know.

kissing a bag

Whose bag is this and why am I kissing it? I can hardly remember. I'm going to go with Wendy's and because it is a beautiful Mark Cross bag. Wendy has perfect accessories all the time and I would hate her for it but she's too damn nice to hate. She was wearing shoes that matched that top perfectly.

flirting with Poppy

Here I am flirting with Poppy. Much of her pied-a-terry is mirrored. Oh the fun you can have with mirrors. Or not if it's very very late and you've had a lot to drink and there was delicious Thai food which you ate too much of and your face hurts from laughing and smiling and you just need to sink into her luxurious bed with the pillows you will never be able to find for all the love or money in the world. I'm just saying.

on the bus

We either walked to the free shuttle bus or took cabs. It's too bad there are no photos that can do justice to the cab rides because they were usually eventful. We either got lost or had scintillating sexual conversations in the back seat of the taxis in Chicago. Whereas, the bus occasionally smelled like urinal cakes. This is me protecting myself from the smell AND the paparazzi.

I won't be travelling to Sanfran for Blogher 08. But I'm hopeful that the four of us (Susie, Poppy, Wendy and I) will be able to figure out a way to get together anyway next summer....


Photos of Blackbird? WTF? I thought there was ban on those things. Something about Ninjas coming to assassinate anyone who so much as even operated a camera in the vicinity of the elusive, camera-shy Blackbird...
paula said…
I never realized how petite you are. My god, I'd look like a yeti standing next to you.
Sue said…
You are so tiny! Now I will always mentally visualize you as a bank robber. Looks like it was a lot of fun. The social anxiety of an event like Blogher would completely overwhelm me. Ugh.
catsteevens said…
Ditto what Paula said. I am 6 feet tall and would probably look ridiculously LARGE next to you :)

Any particular reason you won't be doing the Blogher '08? Just curious....'cause you seemed to really like it, no?
alice c said…
Audrey Hepburn meets Street style? It's a good look - I'm envious.
Sinda said…
you look exactly like you sound. Or exactly like I thought you would. Or just like you should.
Badger said…
Dude. I could pick you up over my head. If I didn't think you'd punch me in it while you were up there.
Wendy said…
Name the time and place. I'm there.
MizMell said…
So from the looks of those photos, I now have two "little friends."
Hey, I'm vertically challenged too! (I'm 5'2")
Kim said…
HAH! So you do hug.
Susan said…
Oh my god that is the best picture EVER.

You are so fabulous.

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