A bunch of people asked me why I didn't have a link list, and it really just was because I was lazy.
I've done one now, but I didn't have an old one to look at...
if you'd like to be included and I forgot you, don't be offended
do send me an email.
if you link to me and you'd like me to reciprocate (maybe I don't know that you link to me)
please advise.

Thank you.


alice c said…
I can't wait to start reading my way through your list - I wish there were more hours in the day at the moment.
Thanks for including me!
Heather said…
I will never finish the laundry at this rate.
OMSH said…
I don't have a blog roll. I like to link, but to specific posts.

I do, however, love to peruse others' blogrolls for the sake of finding yet another good read. :)
Jennifer said…
Okay, I confess, I link to your blog. How can I not, what with the great photos and interesting tales of throwing bowling balls? :-)
catsteevens said…
Why am I not on that list? Hmmph, so offended!

Ha! Kidding, kidding. But really, I do link to you, and certainly wouldn't mind being on your list. Thanks!
Angela said…
I am honored.
Stephanie said…
I'm a linker! I've been lurking for a while and really enjoy reading.
Poppy Buxom said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I needed the Badger seal of approval.
(You do realize that before you found me, I didn't exist?)
Eliane said…
This is good! I am lazy too, but now you pop up in my stats and I can click you. So I'll visit more often.
MizMell said…
Thanks for posting your link list. I am always enjoy reading new blogs.

What? No pics today?
Please validate me! You will find a link back to you on my blogroll.
Alice said…
O la la!
You are lovely!

paula said…
I already know you love me, but I like being on the list!
RW said…
oh this is fantastic.
you have mentioned these folks in passing but I had forgotten some of them.
it was a rainy morning and I spend it sitting with my laptop.
Kim said…
Technically, I'm not going about this request properly as you ask for any linking requests to be via email, but I'm here now... please?
tut-tut said…
Nice company to be in, over to the left!
Shelly Kang said…

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