Anonymous said…
i love the last town chorus, but then, I tend to like music that makes one hope to find a bathtub filled with warm water and some razor blades

I like their song Oregon.

Yes, it L.
Badger said…
I only watched half of it before getting depressed. But I like her hair.
margalit said…
Give me David Bowie anyday. One of my favorite feeling punk songs.
OMSH said…
It didn't depress me.
It comforts me.
Is that wrong?
catsteevens said…
Who is she?
Anne said…
Wow. That was the best cover of a Bowie song that I have heard. Really wonderful. (Who is the artist?) I also enjoyed your family's imaginative use of Bowling balls. I have bowling balls that I keep in my garden (spiked on conduit) and I have several sets of pins, so we play on asphalt with chalk and the last bowler has to set the pins up. Its one of our main sources of entertainment at family gatherings and parties with friends. I love your blog.

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