the wetsuit is good in the rain too


rain use

rain 6pumpkin

Rain: good for the pumpkin growing in our front step, bad for my car...

my car


Suse said…
Good for the daylilies too! They're beautiful!!
BabelBabe said…
we had a huge thunderstorm here yesterday too. transformers sizzling and tree branches down all over the place. thoroughly scotched our swimming plans.

i once had a honda civic whose tailights would fill up when it rained. I always wanted to put a few goldfish back in there.
MizMell said…
How nice he got to take the wetsuit for a trial run!
paola said…
That funny, adorable Youngest.
My neighbor's Volvo does that too! Same make and everything (my 10-yr old model has its own quirks). ps- that pic of Youngest on the front lawn is priceless. So glad he has some kid-hood left in him.
Jennifer said…
I honestly can not remember the last time we had a good rain. It has to be sometime early May. We are desperate for a few days of a good downpour. Please push any rain you may have lingering this way!


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