if I bore you -

Go visit some of these blogs;

The Magpie Files is lovely. Spare with words, generous with photos, Alice C. has jumped into blogging recently. With both feet.

I read Christa's previous blog, but now she has a new one and she's off on a great adventure - moving from east to west. She's single, adorable, and leaving for a new job in Portland. This would be a good time to explore a wonderful city with her.

Shelly Kang is a knitter and a mom. I am drawn to knitting blogs and the photos of two beautiful little girls fill my occasional need for pink. She makes beautiful socks too.

Jill doesn't update enough. I could look at her photos every day. They are unexpected and soothing.

This is one of my odd obsessions. "An online note to self. Most of the posts originate from our disappointments on eBay." Intriguing.

I always check to see what Catsteevens, Robiewan, Tut-tut, and Heather are up to - because they are my internet friends.

Finally, check out Sue's blog. She is a brand new blogger - and, you know, we all need encouragement.


paula said…
bb, your link for sue doesn't work.

Like I need more blogs to read anyway!

AND? you could never bore me.
blackbird said…
Fixed -
Jennifer said…
You could never bore us. But will check some of those out anyway :)
Scot said…
You've recomended so many good blogs that I really enjoy reading. Dan Renzi's blog cracks me up on a regular basis. My turn. This is a blog written by a young woman from NYC who just moved to Dallas. She has an incredible writing style. Here's a sample of one of my FAVORITE posts: http://thisfish.ivillage.com/love/archives/2006/08/he_said_things.html
Check her out, she's that good! Also check out her post titled AZURE AND CONCIDENCE, its in her favorites column.
Just in case I've never told you, I really enjoy your blog also. How's that vacation goin?
catsteevens said…
awww, shucks :) Thanks bb I'm proud to be your (internet) friend!
Sue said…
Wow, Blackbird, thanks! Really though - the other blogs you referenced are all so sophisticated and witty, I feel quite outclassed. Someday I will learn elegance...
Shelly Kang said…
Thanks, BB!
Jeannie said…
If you give us any more links to wonderful blogs I'll have to give up my fabulous Pottery Barn job and spend my entire day reading blogs! I'll need to hire someone to bring me food and cold beverages.
[Blush!] I'm so flattered.

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