the dinner

It turned out to be sauce with meatballs.
It wasn't bad, but I have no idea when I originally made it.
Having been to the emergency room a few times in the past few weeks we had the following discussion whilst eating:

bb: hey! This isn't bad!

gathered family who are unaware of the origin of dinner: mmm?

bb: Dad and I found the sauce in the freezer...we don't know how old it is.

Middle: (blink) er...

bb: So, here's the thing, if we go to the S hospital, the pediatric emergency room is adjacent to the adult emergency room, so we can all be together, and they have really good smoothies in the cafe...

Youngest: um, I like the W hospital...

bb: well, YOU got to pick the hospital we went to last night -

Middle: My stomach hurts.

Youngest: Can I have your meatball?


Badger said…
AGAIN with the emergency room? Do y'all have a quota you're trying to meet? Do you almost have enough holes punched in your card to get one visit free, or what?

Geez. My heart can't take this shit right now.
Miz S said…
They're giving out green stamps, maybe, and blackbird wants a new blender?
BabelBabe said…
Kim said…
I might be a tad slow on the uptake, but it seems to me your world is kinda where mine was a few months back. Does saying 'it'll pass' make it any better? No, I know it doesn't, but finding meatballs in the freezer is pretty damn close.
Emery Jo said…
OK, so I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and I'm HOOKED.

Hooked, I say!
kmkat said…
"...well, YOU got to pick the hospital we went to last night..."

I want to use that line. Priceless.

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