a meme from Paola...updated

...who came to my rescue! Don't all jump on the bandwagon NOW.
I am changing it though - I was SUPPOSED to put song titles as my answers...but not being very musical, and being very VISUAL, I decided to do pictures...

The weather:

Your state of mind:

goat cheese

I CAN'T FIND IT. It's Australian and a cab/shiraz blend and the label had cattle on it in sepia tones...

<span class=


Road Trip:
two for the road



Your favourite movie:
Shakespeare In Love

Pride And



Oh, look - I found it...

hmm, no cows at all

You just can't see the cows. They are HIDING.


elena jane said…
that was fun...that version of "pride and prejudice" was just on the other night, i liked it so much better than the ones i had seen in the past. i had just watched "bride and prejudice" too, so it was amusing to me :-)
BabelBabe said…
is that bedraggled pathetic speciman of a man behind Keira meant to be Fitzwilliam Darcy?!?!?! If so, then I know why I never watched the film.
Saoirse said…
I'm going to try the wine.

Here is a wine with a crazy name and label that a friend brought to my house last week.


It is actually wonderful. You should try it. I had the cab but there are other varieties...

I've got to get a digital camera--what kind do you use?
blackbird said…
Saoirse -
I know fat bastard wine quite well...it's in our under-ten-dollars-with-a-funny-name category.
My camera is a leica C-lux.
(Although none of the pictures from this post were shot with it.)
irene said…
you know I never do memes, but really, reading yours is SO MUCH fun I might do one today.
Paola said…
I knew you would turn it into a MUCH better meme.
You're unique.
I've become so fond of memes...
celestial opus said…
Wait. Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney were in a movie together?! Oh this rocks!

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