We had a great day -
we took the scooter to the station (brrrrrrr) and went into town to a museum.
We saw amazing things. AMAZING THINGS.


Black birds in the station.

Knitted things large:

km two

and small:

1:12<span class=


craft kills

Craft kills my friends, craft kills.

lace skulls

See? Lace and skulls.


Alas, at this point, I was told there are no photographs allowed.

So, from the web:

knit from newspaper

Knit from newspaper.

knitting circle

Knitting for a cause...

It was a fascinating exhibit. There were things knit from money and lead and glass.
I loved all of it. And there were all kinds of fiber artists around us taking it in -
women in all manner of knitted and re purposed and re-mixed wardrobes, who were almost as interesting as the exhibit.

Downstairs we saw some beautiful netsuke:

<span class=

and some humorous ones:

<span class=

The museum shop was great fun too.
K and I saw all kinds of treasures - gorgeous cutting boards, beautiful jewelry, and a great idea for a wedding gift (June).

But you know, all that looking around left us hungry.
So K took me to the deli...for a sandwich.

<span class=

The biggest, best reuben sandwich in the world -

<span class=

Which we split and ate open faced.
I could eat another today, it was so so good.
And you know what they give you with it?

pickles use

The BEST pickles in the world.
We ate all of them.

k with a soprano

There's K sitting with a Soprano.
It's the kind of restaurant with waiters who have worked there for 30 or 40 years.
Customers around us were greeted like family.
Ladies from posh neighborhoods sat down to pastrami and egg creams.
A great meal.

Back to the station where we were too early for the train, K decided to have his shoes shined.

shoe shine

They all wear black hats, white shirts, and black pants.

shoe shines

K said that there is a line out the door during rush hour as it's the perfect place to run into on your way to a meeting...
His shoe shiner (there must be a word for that) made a great flourish of doing K's boots, snapping his rag and twisting it around.
Of course I was delighted to ask him questions - how long had he been there? where had he come from...he was shy and quiet but he talked to me.

shoe shine 2

You can buy hats and gloves and galoshes there too - and shoe trees and shoe horns and sunglasses.

We read the paper and shared my Shuffle on the way home - hopped on the scooter and
were full till nine last night.


Anonymous said…
It sounds like a perfect kind of day. Where was the exhibit held? (I think they are called, "boot jacks.")
Jennifer said…
We don't have places like that here, but in Toronto underground they do. I find it fascinating to sit and watch. I have spent a day like you described minus the museum, but it's a lot of fun isn't it!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for showing me LIFE.
AND I am drooling fo rthat Reuben sandwich.
Sounded like a gorgeous day.
You are brave. My scooter is parked for the winter and WE HAD NO WINTER AT ALL!
Eliane said…
Where is that post about commenting I saw in my blog reader? I wanted to comment on that, I often feel tempted to comment like that. (Elsewhere)
Anonymous said…
i love this, i have no idea where you went, but who cares, it's wonderful! i saw a shoe shine place once, in DC maybe, darned if i remember. i thought it was SO cool!
those teeny gloves are amazing...
i love your pics/descriptions :)
--erica said…
oh my gosh BB.
I so need a life.
thank you for sharing yours.
Carol said…
You do have this way of leaving us drooling with envy! What a great way to share a day with your honey!!

Me? I'm home for day 3 with my daughter who is sick. Not really a bad duty, though - CAN'T WAIT to show her museums, etc. in Tuvalu when she's older!!
Paula said…
Knitting in a hardhat! I love that.

What a great day!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That Reuben looks huge to me. MASSIVE.
Badger said…
Those wee teeny gloves are KILLING ME DEAD.

I think I could eat that entire plate of pickles all by myself.
Sarah Louise said…
I needed this blast of life. Thank you.

Ruebens are my abs fave sandwich. Loved the knitted things...

and loved the blackbirds in the subway.

Shine On!
Anonymous said…
OMG I miss that city so much---is that Katz's?!


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