The wii continues to delight Youngest -
and has been a source of amusement during one dinner party with a local tennis pro.
I'll admit to being addicted to the tennis game...I love it when my character makes a grumbly looking curse icon on the screen when she misses.

One of my favorite things about the wii is just that: the creation of characters.
K and Youngest are represented in the cast of characters who can play tennis, golf or bowl, and Youngest worked hard to recreate Middle (I had to use girl hair, mom) and went to great pains to make Abraham Lincoln and Elvis.
Elvis has a mean backhand.


Paula said…
Chris has been searching for a wii, he saved up all his pennies and now he can't spend them. Very frustrating. He said I could play when he got his.
weirdbunny said…
our children so want a wii too.
Anonymous said…
Yes, bb continues to rub salt in the wound. With her wii. And its remote controller.

I'm imagining a little sock monkey character.
Poppy Buxom said…
Drat that new blogger. Can't they remember who I am from one minute to the next?

On the other hand ... why should they, when I can't seem to manage it myself?

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