on the other hand

Not a great day in Tuvalu, yesterday
K is still waiting for a start date for the project he's supposed to produce (any minute now)and nothing seems to being going right.
But don't worry about how we are keeping ourselves occupied, okay?
We find ALL KINDS OF THINGS to stay busy with.

(Joanna Newsom is playing on my laptop as I type this, and, I have to say, K is not pleased. Or amused. Not that she is striving for either of those things.)

In the morning, for example, our kitchen tap started leaking.
So, while I drove the boys to school, K patiently emptied the cabinet below the sink, to provide access to the pipes.
When I got back, he requested that I turn a wrench whilst he (lying on his back, with his upper torso in the cabinet and his ass resting on his tool box) held something tight from below.
I was so good at this job that, when the nut finally loosened, I went flying, sideways, and smashed my ribs (I have not assessed which ribs exactly) while falling onto a hook we use for dish towels, my arm hit a plate sending it skittering across the room to smash.

I have a big welt and swollen part near my back/rib area and I need lots of attention.
But that didn't matter.
K drove me to get my hair cut, and the dog to have a bath and the dog's bed to have a bath.
And I forgot my cell phone, and the lady at the desk at the salon was an idiot, and finally K found me and I sat at the laundry waiting for the dog bed to be clean and dry while he went home to fashion a flange, or gasket or some such.

When it was finally done he ran off to an appointment with the optometrist as his new glasses were made wrong and he has no middle vision.
No time to dwell on that, he had to rush off to get the clean dog.

Later in the afternoon we went to a nearby stream to put the broken mirror in.
I broke a mirror inadvertently a while ago and read that it needed to be placed in a south flowing stream of water.
We did that.
Then K went to mail some papers and talk to the lawyer and the agency people and get the kids and I started to prep for dinner.
And that's when I killed the 26 year old Cuisinart food processor grating blade.
I just read, a month or so ago, that you really can't buy replacement parts for our Cuisinart anymore.
But that's fine.
Hell, it's only money.
How often do we grate cheese?

I'd say that I'm retreating to my bed and not coming out until something nice happens - but I can't justify it. And it's not my way.
A box arrived from my good friend C in Tokyo.
Inside was a copy of my favorite magazine Ku:nel, a toy for Youngest, and two harmakis. One of the haramakis has a small pocket on the front and C sent a few hot packs to put in it.
I can't even tell you what a comfort it was to have a friend so far away send such wonderful treasure...for my poor smashed ribs no less.

And so, here I sit, listening to Joanna with her baby voice and harp.
K is at the other end of the table with his laptop watching movie trailers...
It's tempting to wallow in the negatives, but I can't work up the energy.
Hell, I can barely make it up the stairs without groaning about my ribs.

I know it will all be okay, and that we should appreciate how fortunate we are -
but, sometimes, I need to remind myself.



Badger said…
Oy. Well. That all sucks, except for the nice haramaki-sending friend part. I hope things get better.

I'm having a week like that, too. Except my major bodily malfunction (as opposed to the multiple OTHER malfunctions around here) is a giant painful zit just below my eyebrow.

I've had cracked ribs before so I think I'll keep the big disgusting eye zit.
Anonymous said…
The ribs? OW.

The putting mirrors in south-flowing streams? NUTSY.
Paula said…
You need someone to make you a nice pot of soup.

And yeah, we all have things to be thankful for but sometimes you just need a hug (and soup). Feel better soon.
BabelBabe said…
I want a haramaki NOW. All the cool kids have them.

Can I just say, K is an incredibly good sport. If I told H we had to put the broken mirror in the south-flowing stream, he'd have me committed.

Feel better, dearest. Rest. And use that haramaki.
Anonymous said…
Any day that affords the time and the emotional investment to go find a stream and deposit a broken mirror...isn't THAT bad.

Although you definitely deserve presents for the ribs.
Anonymous said…
Here's to a better weekend! Hope things look up for you.
Sharon said…
Cuisinart may not have that replacement part anymore, but someplace like culinaryparts.com might. It's worth checking.
robiewankenobie said…
good grief.

that being said...i am kinda hankerin' for a haramaki. i figure you can get 'em with girdlesque qualities, no? slimmer! trimmer! warmer!

and, as i am nothing but a lemming, my me not me is up.
Poppy B. said…
Hey, the good news is that K plumbs. More good news: he didn't custom order a blue toilet.

I think I'll tell TSMIM that the right way to deal with the blue toilet-that-is-the-wrong-color is to put it in a stream flowing south.

Take care of your ribs.
Anonymous said…
OOops, those days happpen all over, we all went through oen or two so my special thoughts are all for you.
The gift pack must have been a huge relief and surprise though.
Be well.
Anonymous said…
I'm having one of those days today except for the ribs. I've found myself about to burst into tears at least three times. I knew I needed to come home and read some blogs.

When my daughter smashed up her leg last year, several people, including Badger I think, recommended Arnica lotion or gel to help heal it. It worked for us.

I hope you feel better soon.

Enjoy your harmakis.
Unknown said…
Our cuisinart is from the same era and I recently broke the plastic bread kneader blade, which is the one I use the most. I do have the grater blade, and the knife blade, but the slicer blade disappeared some time ago. If I get a new one, or you do, maybe we can put the blades together that still work and make a full set.

I'm having the week from hell myself, what with my daughter's latest diagnosis and the credit card scam thing leaving us penniless until we can get our new debit cards... It has to get better, right?

I second the Arnica. If you can get the little pellets, use them and you WILL NOT bruise.
blackbird said…
I do -
I know about the Arnica and we use it ALL THE TIME, when we smack ribs and whatnot.
Amy A. said…
Oy. So sorry.

Don't give up on your cuisinart. There are special businesses that specialize in out dated parts.
Anonymous said…
Holy, shit Batman.

I would take to my bed.

With the harmonicas, uh, hari-karis,

islaygirl said…
i live in Phoenix and i still want a harimaki. maybe i could put an ice pack in the pocket?
RW said…
But, are you pleased with the haircut?
Jennifer said…
Oh is that why I've had such bad luck I didn't put my mirror in a south flowing stream? dang.

Hope your ribs feel better.
Susie Sunshine said…
I had a bad day too.
My kid was playing in a south-flowing stream that some asshat apparently uses for a private garbage dump. He stepped in shards of glass that ripped his boots to shreds.

(Hope your ribs are doing better.)